About Sophie Louie

This Blog is actually named after my two lovely cats.
Sophie & Louie.
They both died of Feline Infection Peritonitis (FIP) in 2015 in my care.
And they leave deep scar in my heart.
So i decided to use their name for this blog just to remind me of them.

Sophie(Black) and Louie(yellow)
'time spent with cats is never wasted.'
-Sigmund Freud

Sophie and Louie actually left their sibiling, Whiskes alone.
But only for a year because now i have 6 cats from Whiskes.
She's really active!

I share mostly about things that i think it is interesting to share.
sometimes maybe about my own experience, review and everything,

Thank you for visiting my page.

s o p h i e l o u i e

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