Thursday, 13 September 2018

Merempat Trip Part 7 : Last Stop KRABI

12th July 2018

We arrived at the Krabi around 11pm and as soon as we arrived at the arrival hall there's only one ticketing counter open for bus and we pay for 300Baht for a taxi to the Krabi Town.

The Sawasdee Homestay.
we arrived at our homestay quite late i think about 12 pm and then the homestay is closed but there's my name and a phone number they actually leave on the door so that we could call them to wake them up. So, we ask the driver to call for us since we don't have Thailand number and we were lucky enough that he's willing to help us. 

A few minutes later the owner open the gate and it was lovely aunty with her cute cat!  This is what i like about booking through online, you can actually interact with the owner even before you arrive.
As soon as we arrive the aunty introduce us to a tour to the island and we finally decided to go with the 7 island & a sunset BBQ tour because we just want to wake up late. hahah.

the next day we woke up at 10am and i just realized that we were in the middle of Krabi town. so we went around for lunch before we head to out for our tour.

The 7 island & Sunset BBQ Tour.

We were actually pick up from our homestay to the Railey Beach. We basically went to 7 island, snokerling and enjoying the sunset except there's no sunset since it was cloudy all the time which is good because it's not so hot but hen we cant see the sunset too. And we actually eat in the dark because we went wayyyyyyy behind schedule so..hurmmm.. but i think i really like our last activity the plankton sightseeing but too bad no light are allowed so, no camera allowed. huhu.
And they also prepare a fire show for us which is quite scary to watch but fun at the same time of course.
Poda Island
Poda Island

snorkeling at Taming Island

Chicken Island

Tup Island

Phranang Island

the Phranang Cave

inside the cave

And they sent us home around 9pm and they we went shopping at the night market for a souvenir before we headed back to Malaysia the next day so the trip ended here. 

Thank you for reading. :)

S o p h i e l o u i e

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