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Merempat Trip Part 6: Bangkok

11th July

So, we arrived at Bangkok around 8 am and then i started to check about Bangkok Transportation and at the very last minutes, i actually found a Tuk-Tuk Hop application online and i think the offer is pretty good so we both agree to used the service since it hazzle free. 

The Tuk-Tuk Hop.

This is a very new application in Bangkok where you can rent a Tuk-Tuk for a day with fix price and it brings you anywhere around Bangkok. They actually gave you map so that you can decide where to go. they pick you up at certain point and you can order your tuk-tuk via their application that you can download on google store! So we actually pay 525 Baht since they are on promotion that day. The actual price for 2 person is 599 Baht. 
So yes we did get lucky that day. But the problem is that the Tuk-Tuk wont go just anywhere in Bangkok. They have this map and point where they'll pick you so you have to go to the point and order the Tuk-Tuk. Oh well, it would be great if they expand their location to the bus station next time so we don't have to take grab car to the nearest checkpoint. We pay for 140 Baht for Grabcar to their nearest checkpoint which is at the Zoo. 

As soon as you download the app and agree to used the application, they actually created a group whatsapp for you and their team (who speak english) so you can ask them anything in that group which is quite a good approach i think since most of their driver don't actually speak english.

We actually went to the Wat Arun area and hen other places around the town that day until we got tired. 

The Khaosan Road.

Khaosan road is actually very famous in Bangkok and it has become one of the must visit place if you are in Bangkok especially at night. Our hostel that i booked through agoda located at the very centre of the Khoason road and jast 2 minutes walk to the Tuk-Tuk Hop Point! The Hostel called Khaosan green House Hotel which is also quite cheap and famous so you ahve to booked early. The Hostel is clean, shared bathroom with good wifi signal and good food. they have restaurant just eblow the hostel also belong to the hostel owner.

The Wat Arun
One of the temple that i relaly wanted to visit is the Wat Arun which is also very famous in Bnagkok. the Tuk-tuk Hop brings us to the jetty of the boat just beside the Wat Pho (another attraction in Bangkok). Crossing the River by big boat cost only 5 Baht/ person one way. It's a  very sunny day so the Wat is actually very crowded but i am always in love with the temple structur. i think, this is probably one of the most colorful temple i've ever seen. it's basically a white temple but was accessories with colorful marble on every wall of the temple making it so beauatiful and every angle of the temple can be an amazing instaphoto! Since i tyhink we had a lot of pretty picture, i'll just leave you guys to it,. ehehe

around Wat Arun

around Wat Arun

another spot we went to after Wat Arun is the Bangkok Flower Market


Loha Prasat under construction,

That night we spend wandering around the night market and then back to the hostel to sleep.

12th July 2018.

So, we woke up early this morning.. okay maybe not to early. around 9 am. lol. Then we started our journey to the famous floating market-Damnoen Saduak Night market. it's actually 2 hours drive from the town and can be pretty expensive if you have to go with the tour. the tour offer aorund 1500Baht but then again we decided to go on our own. 

Its not really difficult to go to the Floating Market by local bus, you just need to google it! We order grab from Khoasan Rd. to Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal which cost around 160 Baht and then the grab driver to drop you infront of the ticketing to go to Damnoen Sduak Flaoting Market. After we bought our bus ticket around 80 Baht, we waited around 15 minutes and then we were called to the bus and then off you go.

The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market Scam. 

This is actually one of the worst experience i've ever encounter. So, the bus driver actually drop us at the tour agency which we have no idea of at first. As soon as we step off the bus a lady with a big smile welcome us and told us to follow her. So, we were like "Oh this is very nice!" we feel very welcome at first until she showed us the price of the tour. She explain to us that the price is 800Baht/ person to get into the boat. And of course i personally think its ridicoulos because it's not even a private boat, its a shared boat! So, i told her we cant afford the price. So, she said she can help us but we must not tell others. She offer us 500 Baht/Person! Wow! such a good price but no thanks. I still think that it was very expensive since its a shared boat you know. So the lady started making mad face and then started to like force us "If you don't want then how can i help?" she started to get mad at us. So, i ask her if we can just walk around the place for a while and she said no-no-no and keep forcing us to take her offer. After a while she called her friend which is bigger than her and the friend just shout at us to stop walking around (we are actually trying to find a way out of the place) and get out of the place if we don't want their offer! So, i was really shocked and then i said "Okay , we are going now!" but then we went to the wrong direction actually. I mean we just get off from the bus so we don't really know the way out of the place too. So the two girl started to shouting at us in God knows what language and everybody was looking at us. Maluuuuuuu... (rugi saya tidak rakam masa kejadian ni!)
while both of the lady shouting at us, i took out my google map and then type floating market, so thanks to google map we finally found our way out of the place to the floating market! Along the way, we found out that there are many tour agency around that provide the boating service to the floating market who offer different price. We stumble upon another tour who offer us 500Baht/boat but we were still in shock so we just keep walking. And then the third tour we stumble upon was quite nice and offer 300 Baht/boat. Gosh can you see the different? from 500BAHT/Person to 300Baht/boat! Adoii..nasib baik kami keluar woo..sia-sia duit dicekup. so, next time you wnated to go to the floating market by bus, make sure you get out from the tour agency place before they kick you off. lol. 
So, we agreed to the 300Baht/boat and went with the boat agency and we had the boat all for ourselves, just the two of us. at the end of the trip the boat actually drop us at the bus station to Bangkok.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.

This floating market is actually one of the oldest and traditional floating market in Bangkok which is why i choose to visit this one. But actually you can get whatever they sell in the night market. We tried the tomyam fried rice here and it was amazingly taste good but quite pricey. 
And i notice the things they sell here is a bit pricey compared to the night market.
However, i enjoy the floating market so much because it really make me feel i was in Thailand. lol

Both of us go back to Bangkok with i think one of the unforgettable experience. Kena halau, kena teriak siapa yang akan lupa ni? lol.

Had a chance to walk through the Khaosan road a few hours before we headed out to airport. 

S o p h i e l o u i e

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