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Merempat Trip Part 5: Chiang Rai

9th July 2018

So, we arrived Chiang Rai Bus station around 11 am and went straight to the city center with tuk-tuk and it took only 15 minutes driver where we pay for 100 Baht

The hostel
we arrived at the hostel that we book through Agoda around 11.30 am. its called Lemme Chok Dee Geusethouse. The hostel is quite small, could be noisy at night since there's a bar downstair, shared bathroom is juts okay la not dirty, the bed is quite hurmmm unconfortable but we sleep soundly anyway. On the bright side, the Hostel is located at the City Centre where everything i walkable-near to the city bus station and only 3 minutes walk from the night market which is very convenience especially for girls and also its very cheap! around RM 24 only/night!

The City.

The city is quite small and you can explore the city in a day. most of the attraction in Chiang Rai is the temple which designed almost the same so, we only visited the Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Ming Muang, The clock tower and then we decided to change our plan by hanging out at the coffee shop near the clock tower before we head out to Night Market! HAHA.
Wat Phra Kaew

Wat Phra Kaew

Wat Ming Muang

Wat Ming Muang

Clock Tower

night market


free show!

The Night Market.

I really love the night market in Chiang Rai because they have live performance for free at the food centre! Owh I love live performance while eating. There's no better way to spend my night other than eat and watching performance! but of course there are a lot of things they sell there but i didnt buy anything else than food since we still need to go to Bangkok with my backpack so i dont want to add more things to brings. lol

10th July 2018

Cheapest way to The White Temple

The next day we woke up early as usual to catch the earlier bus to the White Temple! 
We decided to go with the local bus since earlier yesterday we asked the Tuk-Tuk how much for a day if we want to rent a Tuk-Tuk and he said 500 Baht for only 2 places! and we were like-NOOOOOO. No money to waste so we stick with our plan A. Go with the local bus. which is very fortunate because the city bus station is just behind the night market near to our hotel! The earliest bus leave around 7.30 am that's why we went early since we want to be the first person to visit the temple before the crowded get there. We pay for 20 Baht/person one way which is much more cheaper than renting a tuk-tuk. However, as usual, if you want to go with the bus, you won't make it on time. of course the driver have to wait until the bus is full and then leave. And it also stop along the way to pick up customer so...... 

The White Temple

We arrive at the temple around 8.30 Am and the temple is already crowded! As expected this temple is just so famous that it attract so many people from all over the world. i was amaze by the beauty of the temple actually, like i could't stop starng at it. we actually went there twice because once you get in, you can go back at the front and i still want to observe the gate of hell. Too amazed that I actually found Malaysian cent on the statue (Its on my video. go checked it on my Youtube channel ! lol. 

i wanted to write more of the Temple history and meaning of the statue but i guess you can easily found it on google so i'll just leave you'll with the pic. hehe 

The White Temple

The White Temple

The White Temple

The White Temple

The White Temple

The White Temple

The gold temple still under construction
They said there are 7 temple to be made here but all are still under construction. 

We got back to the city by waiting the bus at the bus station near the temple only a few minutes walk where we pay the same amout of money. We arrived at the city around 1 pm, had our dinner and then check out from ou Hotel, We initially want to go to the Chiang Mai because we plan to take night train to Bangkok from Chaing Mai but then after a lot of thoght, we decided to go with the VIP bus from Chiang Rai straight to Bangkok. Senang cerita ba, tidak payah singgah-singgah Chiang Mai lagi. 

The VIP Bus.

So, the Vip bus is quite expensive but cheaper then the train. around 800 Baht if i am not mistaken (Refer to full iti for full price list) and its really is a VIP bus. 
The seat is adjustable where you can put it in a massage mode, or sitting mode or sleeping mode but of course you can't really sleep comfortable as in the sleeping bus. It has stewardess too who gave us a lot of food and they also lend us a blanket! Which is very convenience to us as a backpacker. hehe
Watch my video about the VIP Bus here.

Next post i'll be posting about Bangkok so stay tune.
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