Friday, 3 August 2018

Progress on My Braces

On my previous post click here , some of you ask me to post on my braces progress. 
so, i am updating on my braces today.
So to cut the story short, i put my braces in 2015 and the doctor said it will only took a year to complete it. 
so, as promised the doctor took it off on december 2016. 


it actually look okey from this picture because i took it from above,

But it really doesnt meet my expectation?
To be honest, i am not satisfied with it the moment they took off my braces but the doctor and the worker there said that it look good. 
So i keep thinking to myself maybe i am just too demanding.

But as soon as i went home i ask my sibling and friends, i text all my close friends and ask what they think about it and most of them actually agree with me "masih jongang juga tu" and encourage me to tell the clinic about it.

 so contacted the clinic that evening ASAP. see, i have to tell them as soon as possible before they started doing my retainer (i will get my retainer a week after i took off my braces"

luckily, Dr Faiz said he could put my braces on again for free however i have to used traditional braces which took longer time to fix. 
2 weeks after that i had an appointment with the clinic again and there it was, my braces is back.
so, now, i am still in the process of redoing my teeth again. 

 I am a bit disappointed because i didn't expect to wear this braces for too long but i am trying to be positive about this and hopefully the result is okay.
i hope to take off my braces this year and share the good news with you guys!

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  1. ko xray gg ko d hqe1 ka atau hqe2? Brp byrn klu xray?

    1. hello there. d hqe. for free sbb sy staff hospital so guna gdl. but the real price around rm80 la gitu.

  2. Bangunan xray dkt mna tu ah d hqe2? Hehehe. Sbb kira mau pg tpi tkut bingung2 bla smpi sna nnti

    1. satu bangunan ja tu hospital queen.. kalau ko masuk di lobi, ko pigi ja di jabatan xray sana.. bawa CD. nti dorang bawa p xray di tingkat 8 juga tu. hehe

  3. Hi sophie,kalau mau p xray p hqe mahu bawa surat appointment lagi ka? atau walk in saja?

    1. biasa doktor dr klinik gigi akan bagi surat juga tu. :)

  4. Hi, kalau mau betul kan gigi senget tp bahagian bawah jk. Mmg pakai braces ka tu. Ble ka pakai bawah jak. Mahal ka

  5. Emm sy dulu sy plan mau bt gitu jg tp cost dia is like almost the same like u did both, so, kena rekemen bt dua2.. so far d klinik dr faiz teda gitu.

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