Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Mount Wakid, Tambunan

I heard about Mount Wakid last year when i saw my facebook friend share it on Fb.
Although i am a Tambunanese(mother's side) but i never heard about this mount all my life.
*please apologize my ignorance.
So, when my cousin-Mimie ask me if i wanted to join the Mount Wakid hike, i said YES on the spot.

22 July.
See, trip to Mount Wakid took only 2 hours and half to reach to the peak so you can do it in 1 day.
 From Kota Kinabalu to Tambunan will take about 2 hours so you don't need to stay over at Tambunan Town if you don't have time.

We gather at the Kg.Sunsuron's Hall at 7am and probably started our journey around 8am. 
Arrived at the peak around 10.30am.
there's waterfall we went to take bath before we headed home.
enjoy the photos.
on the way