Thursday, 7 September 2017

Exploring Vietnam:Mount Fansipan Hike

i booked all my flight ticket last year without realizing that my Mount Rinjani and Mount Fansipan hike is only 2 weeks apart!
it was really crazy at that time.
but i can't cancel my Fansipan hike since i already book everything and this time i'll go with my cousin. and i can't let her go alone of course.
so, i decided to just go with my original plan. 
*I feel so sorry to my workmate for conquering all the holiday that time.

9Th May 2017.

i didn't really feel lonely on my Fansipan Trip comparing my Rinjani Trip since i am going with my cousin! i mean i have someone to talk to while waiting for our flight!
We departed from KK at 10pm (9th May) and arrived KLIA2 around 12 am.
as usual those who came from Sabah/Sarawak has to come early since our next flight the next day is at 6am. 

10th May 2017.

We meet with our new trekking buddy at the airport in airport and get to know each other. 
there are about 15 or 16 of us there. 
I can't really remember. 
We reach Hanoi around 10 am.
so we had plenty of ime to explore the city first.

We move in a group in Hanoi City.
There were like 9 of us and another 6 people will come later on since they use different flight.
i think it around 9pm we departed from Hanoi to Sapa.

11th May 2017

we arrived Sapa at 6 in the morning and proceed to our hotel to pack for the hike.
touch down Sapa

while waiting for the other to get ready we get to socialize with the resident of Sapa.
we started our hike probably around 9am like that.
hiking in Fansipan actually didn't feel much different in Borneo. 
Probably because the weather is almost the same.
But we were accompanied with the beautiful scenery along the way.
enjoy the photo.

we spend a night at the hostel prepared for the hiker.
i don't really remember the night but i remember it was so cold and i sleep soundly. zzzz

12th May 2017

we woke up as early as 6 to get ready for our summit attack.

As we hike through, we can see the cable car passing us by.

my cousin with Sinh our guide. He's so young about 19 and he teach us Vietnam language along the way. Sin Chao, Toi La Lilie!
finally arrived! but not at the summit yet. there's plenty of stair to go through before summit.

geng belakang.

teehee. Summit. Finally!

we make it to the top!

when we arrived at the peak, view are covered with fog and cloud. but if you just wait for a little while then you'll be able to enjoy this scenery from the roof of INDOCHINA.
 we all decided to go down with cable car since it's really tempting! i mean you're in Fansipan, you need to try both hiking and cable car!

On the cable car, we were all looking down and try to trace the path that we went through the day before and it was reallg an amazing feeling to be able to say "Wow, I actually goo through the mount!"

i mean "Gosh! did i just walk through that mount?"

So, we arrived at our hotel in Sapa quite early around 11am. 
After check in and taking a bath, my cousin and i decided to reward ourselves with a nice lunch in nearby restaurant.

a date after a long hike with beautiful cousin.

And then we went for a walk around Sapa.
Sapa is not a big city. so you can explore the city in one day. 
kids trying to sell their bracelets in their colorful costume.
the city is beautiful with the colorful costume used by the resident to sell their bracelets.

We found a church in the middle of Sapa and approach it.

my cousin are praying while i am just sitting there waiting for her to finish.
Just outside the church there's a lot of photographer offering their service with their costume.
their colourful uniform is really hard to resist soooo......
taraaa. lol
I had such a fun exploring Sapa. 
we have another extra day at Sapa the next day, and the boys are planning to visit the waterfall in the morning. and i am super excited.
click here to read about Love Falls, Sapa


  1. I love hiking, but never seem to get a good enough opportunity to go and actually hike somewhere. Your trip and pictures looks amazing though.

  2. thank you. well, you should really go hike somewhere. the view is really amazing up there.

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