Friday, 29 September 2017

Expolring Vietnam : Ho Chi Minh City

So from Muine to HCM is actually only 3 hours and half or 4 hours.
Which mean you can go day trip to Muine from Ho Chi Minh. 
I learn that a lot of people do a day trip to MuiNe from HCM while i was in Muine.

So, our sleeping bus departed from Muine around 9am.
We arrived HCM about 12 noon.
and we quickly went to find a hotel nearby Ban Tan Market.
See, why we choose Ban Tan? because it's a very famous place to get souvenir and it's also has a lot of Malay Restaurant which is gonna be good for our friend,Irwan to cari makan.

touch down

So, we found a cheap hotel cost only 400k VND/night which is equal to RM80.00/night.
We went to eat at Kampung Melayu Restaurant just beside Ban Than Market.
After that we went around HCM city,

infront of the Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon.

bookfair on street

HCM Hardrock cafe


Ban Tan Market.
If you enter the Ban Tan Market, you'll notice there's a lot of Malaysian there.
Too much Malaysian that even the seller know how to speak Malaysian language!

However, you gotta be careful shopping in Ban Tan Market.
we got cheated a few time shopping here.
Don't get me wrong.
Most of the blog said that you will only got cheated if you look wastern in Vietnam.
But i look completely asia and still got cheated.
But Ban Than seller could be really rude sometimes.
You shouldn't ask price if you don't have intention of buying it.
We encounter a few tourist got yelled at because if this.


At night, they will open shop outside the Ban Than Market and i suggest you to buy at night since it will be much more cheaper then daylight.

night Market

there's not really much i can post about HCM since we are here for only 1 day.
We went back to Malaysia the enxt day after we arrived HCM.
It's been a great experience from Hanoi to HCM. 
Even though, we got cheated here a lot but Vietnam has so many to offer that you have to at least visit here once.
Plus, we also met a lot of local with good heart here.
having Vietnam Mee before leaving the country!
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s o p h i e l o u i e


  1. Your picture in front of the Cathedral is soo cute! Nice pictures of the food too hehe. Thanks for the top about buying at night too!

  2. Looks like a wonderful trip!!! What an amazing experience it would be to live there for a month or two - great bucket list item!!

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