Thursday, 28 September 2017

Exploring Vietnam : Phong Nha Ke Bang

We arrived Dong Hoi at Phong Nha Town around 4am in the morning. 
It's too early! yas.
Phong Nha town is just a small town but there's ATM and hotel with lots of good places to eat.
For Muslim, there are indian restaurant just beside the road you can see.
So, you shouldn't be so worry about food.

Initially we don't want to rent a room since we plan to follow the next night bus but then we were Informed that there's only 2 bus that leave from Phong Nha to Hoian. 
One at 4am and the other one is at 7am.
So we had no other choice but to find a hotel to sleep for the night later.
We found a hotel just near our bus centre around 550kVND=110RM.
quite cheap for 3 person actually.

Our initial plan is to go explore the Caves by motorbike. 
Problem is, only Irwan know how to ride a motorcycle, so we then decided to find a tour.
we paid 1,100k VND for the guide which is equal to MYR200.
include food, transportation, guide and entrance fee for 3 attraction.

So, we leave our hotel at 8am and our first destination is Phong Nha Botanic Garden.
The Botanic Garden is 45Minutes(i just guess this) from the town.
And our tour guide explain almost everything about Phong Nha while we are on it.

briefing before entering the garden.
Highlight of the garden is the Waterfall in Phong Nha Botanical Garden
Our second destination is the Paradise Caves.
it's about 30 minutes drive (i guess. because i fall asleep the whole ride) from the Botanical garden.
See, the guide told us that Crystal Caves was newly found by local man in 2005 and only open for public in 2010.
And guess what? Now the founder has become a billionaire!
So if you wanted to be rich start searching for caves!
welcome to Chrystal Caves, Phong Nha.

the caves is actually 31km long but we can only explore the first 1km since the guide said it will took a month to explore the whole caves!

We move to our next destination.
The Dark Cave!
Of course after we experience paradise we need to experience the dark too! lol
it's only 30 minutes or more from paradise to dark in vietnam.
well, i don't really remember the exact time since i am sleeping (again. yes.) the whole ride.
As soon as we arrived, we had lunch first.

tadaaaa.. lunch for 3!
i don't know how much this cost since this is included in our tour price.
Plenty food for three person to eat!
Those who don't eat pork like me can request chicken instead.

So, to get into the dark caves you need to wear proper attire.
which mean, you need to bring your bikini or something suitable since you gonna be playing with mud!

in order to get to the cave you need to do this flyingfox! which is fun! ha!

while waiting for the rest
some photo before we get into the caves. behind me is the team who just came out from the cave!

we need to swim a little to get to the entrance of the cave!
 and inside the cave you need to take off your lifejacket because you gonna be playing with the mud!

Mud warrior!

on the way to muddy heaven

taarraaaaa.  soory for the photo quality. we can't stand properly inside so all photo are like that.
They said the mud is good for your skin so we put it all over our face.
Still smell like a mud tho.
If you ever went to Pulau Tiga then this mud smell exactly like the valcona mud there. 
Only this one is much more scarier since its dark!

Kayaking to get back.

there's a lot of playground you can pay after the visit.
And that's the end of our tour.
we finish around 5pm and we get back to Phong Nha.

*it easy to get tour guide in Phong Nha. you can either book it online or book it in the town.
there's plenty of tour agency in Phong Nha town.

wandering around the town before we get back to our hotel. 

we sleep early that night because we are very tired.
We woke up as early as 3am since we need to catch the 4am bus.

That's the end of our Phong Nha Trip. 
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s o p h i e l o u i e

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  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful Phong Nha Trip. It seems like that you enjoy outdoor trips with your lovely family and fellows.:) I am planning to visit the same place at the end of this month.


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