Monday, 11 September 2017

Exploring Vietnam Part 1- Sapa.

13th May 2017

We wake up at 7am to get ready for Love falls, Sapa.
i was super excited because enjoying waterfalls after a long tiring hike is just perfect! 

my cousin told me she can't go to the waterfall because her leg still hurt and she don't think she can go for another trekking activity.
So,she decided to stay and go for shopping.
I understand that because there's a lot of cheap clothes you can find in Sapa with good quality.
So, that's mean i will be the only girl who are going for the falls in the group since all of the girls said they want to go for shopping in Sapa.

Well, i still stick with my decision to go for the falls since shopping is not really my favorite.
i mean i do shopping to but if i was given to go for trekking and shopping, i'll always choose trekking and waterfalls!

At first they decided to go with bus but then, suddenly everybody want to go with motorbike which is very bad for me because i can't ride motor or even bicycle. 
I almost gave up the falls when one of the team offer me a ride. he's going alone and he said we can divide the motorcar's fee. 
So, Yes!
that's my partner. we are getting ready for Love waterfalls.

sempat singgah ambil group photo sekejap.

on the way to the falls you can enjoy a lot of beautiful view that keep us stopping for photo session. hehe

of course my own photo. hehe
 So, Love falls is actually located at the same entrance as the Mount Fansipan Starting point. 
You will have to pay 60000 Vietnam dong for entrance fee at the gate.
You will also need to walk for a little while befroe you get to the falls.
i think around 20minutes walk.

arrived finally!
Eating local potato while enjoying the falls.

i had to repost this because it's so beautiful. Our team member is helping that little girl crossing the river.
I found this on my Whatsapp image so, i don't remember who took it since i deleted the conversation.
at the entrance, there's another road to upstair and when we ask the guard at the entrance where it headed to, he said it's going to the view point.
So, while waiting for the rest of the member to arrived at the get from the falls, we went to visit the View Point of Sapa.

taraaaaa.. only 5 minutes hike from the entrance and you'll get to see this. 
 The background of my photo above is actually the Mount Fansipan. 
The one we hike yesterday. read here

When we went down, all of the team member is already waiting for us to leave.

On the way to Sapa Town, we all decided to have some coffee at the very beautiful restaurant we found. the Restaurant nams is Nha Hang Mong Mo, Sapa.
this is it. it's like a hanging restaurant!
i spend my time taking photo of the flower around the restaurant while waiting for our drinks.
below the restaurant is actually the toilet. It very unique and it's clean too.
the famous Vietnam coffee. -picture not taken by me
We arrived at Sapa Town around 6pm.
Our bus will be departed at 10pm so i went to have dinner with my cousin before getting ready for our sleeping bus. 
so,, that's is for today's post.

emm.. after this, my cousin and i went to HCM by sleeping but separated from our trekking buddy. 
i'll update about that soon.

s o p h i  e l o u i e

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  1. Ho Chi Minh looks like such a beautiful place. Amazing photography. You have captured the serenity of the city with perfection. Looking forward to visiting the place.


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