Thursday, 28 September 2017

Exploring Vietnam: Hoi An City

As i mention earlier in this post (click here to read).
We took the 4am bus and estimate our time of arrival to Hoi An city is at 12pm. 
But, thing got out of hand when our bus was stopped by the Vietnam's imigration for about 2 hours or so. 
checking in progress. 

so, our bus delayed and we arrived at Hoi an about 3.30pm and guess what? the next bus is at 5.30 pm. so basically we only had 2 hours to explore Hoi An city and we haven't had our lunch yet!

So, we went to have lunch at the nearest restaurant we can find.
Vuon Hoi An.

the food is okay too.
So, after lunch we run.
Yes we are.
We only had 30 minutes to explore Hoi An and we practically running all over the city.

but we did took some great photo tho.
The good things about Hoi An is that there supposed to be no car around the area

take one

take two

take three
take four
take five.
And that's it for Hoi An trip.
We manage to get to our bus to Nha Trang at 5pm.

And that's our 2 hours visit to Hoi An.

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  1. hello Sophie, how are u doing? All your pictures look amazing. Vitenam looks beautiful through ur lens. I am planning soon to visit Vitenam with my friends.

    1. i am doing fine. sorry i sheldom visit my acc. only update them if i have traveling story to blog. but i'll try to visit my blog as much as possible, yeah. vietnam is great. i just recently went to Hanoi again and i am so glad i revisited Hanoi. you can read it on my new feed, :)

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