Saturday, 30 September 2017

Exploring Vietnam: Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh (10 days full Budget).

This is our itinerary for our recently trip to Vietnam.

Day1 - Day 3: Mount Fansipan
We went to hike the Fansipan and all expenses including tour guide,transportation(sleeping bus hanoi-sapa) and hostel = RM938.00(not including flight)

You can read our full itinerary here

DAY 4: Exploring Sapa
Still in Sapa.
Motorbike fee: 300VND/2person=150kVND=RM30.00
food: i don't really remember but i estimated food RM50.00/person/day
Read aboutSapa here.

DAY 5: Ninh Binh
We went to Vietnam and rent a room for about 275kVND=RM70/3=RM24.00/person
Open ticket slepping Bus Hanoi to HCM (including tour guide in Ninh Binh): RM195.00/person
Dinner: RM25.00
(since breakfast included in the hotel price and lunch included in Tour guide price)
Read about our trip here

DAY 6: Phong Nha
Hotel: 550kVND=RM110/3person=RM37.00
Tour(Including entrance fee,lunch,transportation)=1,100kVND=RM210/person
food(breakfast and dinner)=RM30/Person

Day 7: Hoi An
Food: RM50/day

you can read about our trip to Hoi An here
Hoi An

Day 8: Mui Ne
Food: RM50.00/Day
hotel: RM110/night/3person=RM37.00/person
Jeep fee: RM120.00/3person=RM40/person
Motorcar in White Sand:RM60/person
Sliding paper: RM2/person

You can read the detail about our Mui Ne san here
Mui Ne

Day 9:Ho Chi Minh
Food : RM50/day
Hotel: RM80/night/2person= Rm40/person
Read Detail About it here
Ho Chi Minh City

Day 10: Goodbye Vietnam
Taxi to airport: RM20.00/2person=RM10/person
food: RM50

So, subtotal of our budget for vietnam is
RM1863.00 including our Hike to Fansipan.
but if you are not planning to hike Mount Fansipan then you can cut off RM938.00.

please take not that this budget is not including flight, all the souvenir ,shopping and extra food.
if you want to explore Vietnam only skip the Mount Fansipan hike then i think RM1500.00 is more than enough,
but if you plan to shop a lot, then maybe you'll need more than 2 k for 10 days.

That's all for now. thank you,

s o p h i e l o u i e

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