Saturday, 30 September 2017

Exploring Vietnam: Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh (10 days full Budget).

This is our itinerary for our recently trip to Vietnam.

Day1 - Day 3: Mount Fansipan
We went to hike the Fansipan and all expenses including tour guide,transportation(sleeping bus hanoi-sapa) and hostel = RM938.00(not including flight)

You can read our full itinerary here

Friday, 29 September 2017

Expolring Vietnam : Ho Chi Minh City

So from Muine to HCM is actually only 3 hours and half or 4 hours.
Which mean you can go day trip to Muine from Ho Chi Minh. 
I learn that a lot of people do a day trip to MuiNe from HCM while i was in Muine.

So, our sleeping bus departed from Muine around 9am.
We arrived HCM about 12 noon.
and we quickly went to find a hotel nearby Ban Tan Market.
See, why we choose Ban Tan? because it's a very famous place to get souvenir and it's also has a lot of Malay Restaurant which is gonna be good for our friend,Irwan to cari makan.

touch down

Exploring Vietnam : Mui Ne Sand

So we arrived Nha Trang about 8 am in the morning.
We stop for a while before we continue our journey to our next location-Mui Ne. 

So while waiting for our next bus we took a walk at the beach.
Nha Trang Beach

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Exploring Vietnam: Hoi An City

As i mention earlier in this post (click here to read).
We took the 4am bus and estimate our time of arrival to Hoi An city is at 12pm. 
But, thing got out of hand when our bus was stopped by the Vietnam's imigration for about 2 hours or so. 
checking in progress. 

Exploring Vietnam : Phong Nha Ke Bang

We arrived Dong Hoi at Phong Nha Town around 4am in the morning. 
It's too early! yas.
Phong Nha town is just a small town but there's ATM and hotel with lots of good places to eat.
For Muslim, there are indian restaurant just beside the road you can see.
So, you shouldn't be so worry about food.

Initially we don't want to rent a room since we plan to follow the next night bus but then we were Informed that there's only 2 bus that leave from Phong Nha to Hoian. 
One at 4am and the other one is at 7am.
So we had no other choice but to find a hotel to sleep for the night later.
We found a hotel just near our bus centre around 550kVND=110RM.
quite cheap for 3 person actually.

Our initial plan is to go explore the Caves by motorbike. 
Problem is, only Irwan know how to ride a motorcycle, so we then decided to find a tour.
we paid 1,100k VND for the guide which is equal to MYR200.
include food, transportation, guide and entrance fee for 3 attraction.

So, we leave our hotel at 8am and our first destination is Phong Nha Botanic Garden.
The Botanic Garden is 45Minutes(i just guess this) from the town.
And our tour guide explain almost everything about Phong Nha while we are on it.

briefing before entering the garden.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Exploring Vietnam: Ninh Binh

14th May 2017

We arrived Hanoi City around 4 in the morning from Sapa.
Read about my Sapa experience here. click me!
While the rest is getting ready for their flight to Malaysia, and some of us are getting ready to Halong Bay, while my cousin and i are getting ready for our bus to Ninh Binh. 

Here's the thing is, initially we wanted to follow the team to Halong Bay since it was a must visit place in Hanoi. 
However, when we were buying our sleeping bus ticket, Cherry Tran our ticketer convince us that we won't make it to Ho Chi Minh if we went for Halong Bay because we had a very limited time.
Our flight HCM-KL is on 19th May. 
She then suggested us to go to Ninh Binh instead of Halong bay.
After we search it on Google about Ninh Binh, we finally agree with her,
So we bought our Open Sleeping Bus at the price of 46usd/person (RM193.35) including one day tour in NinhBinh!
Cherry is a good ticket dealer. i truly recommend her. if you want to contact her, this is her facebook page-Cherry Tran.

and one of the hiker from our team decided to join us last minutes so there begin our three musketeer trip!

So our bus went to fetch us at our hotel around 7 am and we arrived Ninh Binh at 10am and start touring.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Exploring Vietnam Part 1- Sapa.

13th May 2017

We wake up at 7am to get ready for Love falls, Sapa.
i was super excited because enjoying waterfalls after a long tiring hike is just perfect! 

my cousin told me she can't go to the waterfall because her leg still hurt and she don't think she can go for another trekking activity.
So,she decided to stay and go for shopping.
I understand that because there's a lot of cheap clothes you can find in Sapa with good quality.
So, that's mean i will be the only girl who are going for the falls in the group since all of the girls said they want to go for shopping in Sapa.

Well, i still stick with my decision to go for the falls since shopping is not really my favorite.
i mean i do shopping to but if i was given to go for trekking and shopping, i'll always choose trekking and waterfalls!

At first they decided to go with bus but then, suddenly everybody want to go with motorbike which is very bad for me because i can't ride motor or even bicycle. 
I almost gave up the falls when one of the team offer me a ride. he's going alone and he said we can divide the motorcar's fee. 
So, Yes!
that's my partner. we are getting ready for Love waterfalls.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Exploring Vietnam:Mount Fansipan Hike

i booked all my flight ticket last year without realizing that my Mount Rinjani and Mount Fansipan hike is only 2 weeks apart!
it was really crazy at that time.
but i can't cancel my Fansipan hike since i already book everything and this time i'll go with my cousin. and i can't let her go alone of course.
so, i decided to just go with my original plan. 
*I feel so sorry to my workmate for conquering all the holiday that time.