Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Conquering Mount Rinjani.

It's been a busy months for me for the past 3 months with my classes, job and travel so,
i only had time to post about my experience of hiking mount Rinjani today.

before that let's get to know mount Rinjani first.
Mount Rinjani standing 3726 is said to be the second highest mountain in Indonesia.
want to know more? read here.

I always want to go hike the mount Rinjani since i last saw my friend's photo on his instagram.
I tried recruiting my sister and cousin for the trip but gosh its really hard to make it happened.
Asal plan memang tidak jadi. Asal tidak jadi, mesti plan.

Eventually I gave up on planning and decided to follow other's existing plan. So, i started searching for a group i could join in.
 And i came across this online group on facebook hiking & camping around Malaysia, i saw a few group looking for a person who's interested to join their hiking group. 
And one of them is conquering Mt.Rinjani! 
i jump from my bed as soon as i saw it.
i took the contact number and texted the person ASAP!
and the rest is history! haha

I will just going to share my experience during the Mt.Rinjani trip instead of sharing my itinerary because i didn't take part in itinerary this time. 
i only went to to hike and everything was prepared by our leader. 

A week before the trip our lovely leader AJ already sent us the list of thing that we will need during the hike.
You can't believe how detail his list was. Even things like how many clothes you should bring and how many change you will need during the trip. 
So far out of all the trip i went to, i think AJ is one of the best leader for a hiking trip! 
He give enough information for you a week before you leave so you wont be so blur during the hike.
He even remind me to cut my nails before the trip!!
and no, he's not paying me for this. 
(i'll give out his contact info at the end of this post).

I started packing a week earlier because this is my first hike outside of Sabah and i am super-excited.
As usual since i am from Kota Kinabalu and there's no direct flight from Sabah to Lombok, i have to sleepover at the airport.

when i first meet the group, i do feel awkward. 
realizing that they've known each other before and i am the new member to join!
but thanks to AJ he always try to include me in the conversation so i feel less awkward.

We arrived Lombok quite early so we had lunch before we head to Rinjani.
our trek start via Sembalun. we actually started our journey at 6pm. 
so, yes you need to bring torchlight as you will be walking for about 3 hours. 
i barely arrive at the campsite at 8.00pm or 9 i can't really remember. but i remember it was dark.hihi.
and there's no water to clean you body. so last i remember having bath was at the airport. KLIA2. 
luckily i brought a lot of wet tissue.
Me and Cath was so happy to start the journey
Our first camp base was quite steep that our camp was built not on the flat ground. 
but we manage to play card up until 11 pm i guess. 
the next morning i woke up and found myself down the camp side. lol.
breakfast on the first basecamp. 

such a beautiful view for our day 2 trip.

day 2 trip is much more exciting because it's bright and i can clearly see the beautiful view of the mount. But the beautiful view doesn't really help with my stamina. 
i get tired easily for the first few minutes i started. 
i guess the 8kg backpack really contribute to my lack of stamina. 
so, i started eating all of my chocolate and food.
yes, i brought a lot of chocolate and its so heavy!
i also give out a lot to my members just to reduce my backpack's weight. but how much can i reduce right? lol. i even ask AJ if i could use porter to bring my backpack but it was too late since i am already on the way. T.T,
but really i am glad i didn't used porter! 
This is Wall. Both of us is always at the back. Me because i just cant walk fast and he's a photographer so he like to take some time to take photo(and he also act as sweeper) And i am so happy when he said he want to take photo because i could use that time to rest for a while and eat up all my chocolate! haha. 
But after like 3 hours hiking, i notice that my body get used to my backpack. 
i mean it's still heavy of course but i don't really feel like dying lifting it anymore.
atau itu cuma perasaan? entahlah. haha

saya bergambar macam kuat. tapi tgh jalan minta porter. chiss.
we continue our journey to our second base camp.

beautiful view.
i arrived at the second base around 2pm. it was so tiring but once i arrived at the camp i feel like all my sorrow and anxiety gone. cehwah. the view is just amazing although i only manage to enjoy it only for a few minutes before the fog ruin everything. lol. but yes, it was aaaaaamazing to be able to get to the second basecamp. 
i change my attire and sleep while waiting for our lunch, i think our lunch serve around 3pm.
second camp

after lunch we wonder around the camp, take photo and play cards again! 
this is actually really fun.
i think i went back to sleep around 6pm. they woke me up at 7pm for dinner. 
After lunch we went straight to sleep since we need to start off early for the summit.

i don't really remember what time i woke up but i remember it was freezing! 
i should've brought thicker jacket!
i think we started hiking at 1.30am. 
it was so cold and dark. 
to be honest i fell asleep a few time during the hike because it was so cold and i just can't walk anymore. lucky we start hiking early so i arrived at the summit before sunrise.
but i just can't stand the cold, so, i went to sleep under the big rock at the summit.
i just don't care about the sunrise anymore. 

my members woke me up saying we should take group photo.
so, i force my leg to walk and i am just so glad that they called me because i will end up going back without taking any photo.

mt.Rinjani=done(with a lot of hardwork!)
i really have to be honest, going down the peak was the most fun things to do. 
with the beautiful view. ahhhh. i just really miss going there again. maybe next time.
Kalau ada rezeki. amen to that.
on the way down.
seeing a lot of her species on the way down.
as soon as we arrived at our basecamp, we had lunch and continue our hike to the lake. our third basecamp.
going down
going down the lake was a lot more steeper than i thought. 
too bad the fog are everywhere. Aj said if there's no fog we'll be enjoying the lake view all the way down. hurmm.

i think we arrive at the lake around 3pm. we went straight to the waterfall, honestly, my phone was out of battery so i can't take any photo. T.T.
but it was a beautiful waterfall with hotspring!  

long story short.
the next day, we started our journey quit early. 
at 7am. 
last day! too bad i can't wear my shoes anymore.
my nails feels so hurt everytime i tried wearing them.
(i lose one of my nails after the hike actually).
But i was to blame because i wasn't wearing the proper hiking shoes.
i wear my sport shoes. 
on the way,
peak for day 4. 
 we arrived at senaru staring point around 4pm? i don't remember too. 
i am not a fan of watches and my phone as i mention earlier, our of battery.

I still can't believe i've conquered Rinjani!

Just after the Rinjani hike, there are 2 waterfall you can enjoy in Senaru which is a must go!
Tiu Kelep waterfall at Senaru,

after the trip we went to the famou Gili Island and went around Lombok, I'll let you enjoy the photo below. 

Gili Island

A'an Beach,Lombok

Villa Hantu, Lombok,

we also went to Kuta Beach, Lombok and to the shopping mall.
All itinerary was arrange by AJ.
price for Hiking and Around Lombok (including hotel transport)=RM1050
if you wish to join for hiking only fee is RM800 only.
if you are interested to join his next trip to conquer Mount Rinjani you can contact him on his Instagram- Pacattrakker
or Message me to get his contact number.

Thats all for my sharing.

Next i will post about my Mount Fansipan and Vietnam trip so, stay tuned.
chewah.. ala-ala artist gitew.
so long and good bye

l i l i e


  1. I can imagine how it would feel to conquere the second most highest mountain of the world. You are so lucky that you got a chance of hiking on Mountain Rinjani. I wish I was on the same boat as urs.

    1. Heello there.
      I dont think Mt Rinjani is the second highest in the world but it is second highest in indonesia. Dont worry, u'll hv fun hiking Rinjani with whomever u go with. Trust me, Rinjani has that charm!


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