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1st February 2017

We woke up pretty early this day. 
Thank God it's not raining that morning.
heading out to Sanur Ferry Station at 7am and arriving there before 8am.

We wait for about half hour and then the ferry arrive from Nusa Penida.
Why i am excited for Nusa Penida? Because i wanted to watch the Natural Pool called Angel's Billabong. 
You can search it in the internet. 
It was magnificiently beautiful!

Our ferry ready! this girl barefooted all day long because it's raining the whole day and she only bring sneaker.

on the way
As soon as we arrived Nusa Penida, it started raining. 
Of course it's raining season.

So, we were invited by the ready driver at the ferry station in Nusa Penida.
(originally, our itinerary was to sleep overnight at Nusa Penida and continue our journey to Nusa Ceninggan but then since it was raining all day long we change plan last minutes. we decided to explore Nusa Penida in one day by renting car driver)

Our first destination is Kelingking Beach.

The same location with Kelinglimg Beach there are Pohon Cinta.
You must take photo with the tree since it is believed that if u climb the dying tree with your loved one, you'll become the happiest couple ever.

i went there alone! i hope i can be the happiest person on the planet. haha

Near the Kelingking Beach there are Pura Kaluang.
i just loveeee the entrance gate for every Pura in Bali!

the real Pura. but we can't enter the temple.

On the way to Angel's Billabong, we were hungry so we ordered drive through Maggi cup on the way. 
Yes memang ada drive through Mee, you only have to asked your driver. 
Remember the key is to always and always be friendly to your driver!
makannnnn. we bring other junkfood too. 

After eating instant noodle, we finally arrive at Broken Beach.
Broken Beach or balinese called it pantai Uug meaning broken (rosak lah) because the beach was broken and formed a beautiful view.
boleh nampak kerbau sedang makan rumput atas tu broken beach actually, tapi tidak nampak di gambar.
it started raining heavily when we arrived here.

another view of broken beach.

Angel's Billabong is very near to Broken Beach. 
You only had to walk a few step.
I was sooo excited once i saw the signboard of Angel's Billabong.
I was already dreaming of swimming in the natural infinite fool!
now to Nuda Penida
 Macam mau berlari saja nampak ni signboard!
this is Angel's Billabong! cantik kannnn. This picture i kidnap from Google.
But it was raining heavily that day and the Angel's Billabong turn to mud. 
Hancur hati dan harapan.

muddy Angel's Billabong. Only one photo because i was frustrated,

The driver told us that the best time to visit Nusa Penida is in August. 
That time Angel's Billabong will be as clear as crystal just like what i saw in the google.
So, yes, i promised myself i'll come back to Bali. 
Next time. hehe

The rain is getting heavier and heavier after our visit to Angel's Billabong so our driver suggest us to go lunch.
it's a small and cute restaurant in Nusa Penida. I had Hot Kopi Luwak!

The plan is to go mandi-manda at Chrystal Beach but since the rain is getting heavier and the last ferry leaves at 3pm, we cancelled our Chrystal Beach and go back to Sanur before it's too late.

it's not the same ferry station we arrived.

we arrived Kuta at 5pm because and we went to checked in to new Hotel.
its the Fourteen Roses Hotel we decided to spend on my last day in Kuta.

After checking in we went to the pool straight away because we are quit frustrated with Angel's Billabong and we had our bikini on so why not?

chilling at Fourteen Roses Hotel's pool

Going to leave this girl tonight.

We also went to Souvenir Hunting and my last dinner at Kuta!
i actually had half chicken for my last meal.

Noni went to Gunung Agung for hiking (but it was raining so the hike was cancelled) that night while me and Stacy stay at the hotel.
I leave the hotel at 4.00am to Denpasar Airport (sebab cuti saya sampai 3hb saja).
While Ann and Noni continue their extra 1 day journey.

That's my last day in Bali.
It was a great experience although i was diagnose as Pulmonary Tuberculosis (PTB) after this trip.
Yes, u really need to be extra careful when u are in indonesia since PTB rate is very high in Indonesia. You can get PTB everywhere.
Wear mask always expecially when you are taking the train.
This is my big lesson along the trip.
i'll do better on my next backpacking trip.
I need to recover quickly for my next backpack trip!

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  1. Wow... feeling mad after watching these picture and cannot wait to go to that place. Walking on the beach barefoot seems nice in this picture and i can see the excitement on girl's face.


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