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TRANSJAVA-BALI BACKPACKER (DAY 9: Alun Danu Temple and Aling-Aling Waterfall)

29th January 2017.

at 8.30am we are ready for our breakfast in Hotel.
As usual, breakfast in Hotel means Mee sedap Instant mee (Indonesian's famous instant mee).
at 9.00am we checked out and we went to checked in another hotel with the same price but nicer.
kekeke. last night while exploring Kuta, we found this hotel.
Same price but got swimming pool and cleaner. 
So, why not? heheheh
The HOtel name is GORA Hotel.
The staff was very kind and friendly too. 
So, thats the key of luring customer into your hotel-by being friendly and swimming pool. hehehe
checking in!

Now up we go!

Alun Danu Temple quite famous for it's magnificient lake view.
I saw it on the internet and it was beautiful like a painting!
But when we arrived, there's a lot and a lot of people!
Too much that you can't even walk freely. like you almost need to que just to take picture.
Human everywhere!
ahaaaaa. there's people everywhere!

Soon after we arrive here comes the rain.
People start running finding shady place and there we have the place all for ourselves!
how lucky!
Yahuuuu. i finally able to take picture with this temple without anhypne interframing me!

After taking Ulun Danu Temple we went to Aling-Aling Waterfall.
On the way to Aling-Aling waterfall we went lunch to nearest Restaurant named Jom Ngopi.

yess, that's the view of the restaurant.

Kopi Luak pilihan hati

i don't really remember the dish but it's chicken something-somthing and its delicious!
Indonesian restaurant never fail to amaze me.
I like every Restaurant we went in Indonesia!

And 30minutes drive from the restaurant we finally arrive Aling-Aling Waterfall.
There's a lot of package offered by them actually.
I did take a photo of the package but i lose it. hukhukhuk
But we take the cheapest Package, the natural waterslide and Jumping activity.
Cost is IDR 125K/Person

First you need to do some hiking.
just 15 minutes like that so don't worry.

the first Wterfall but we cannot take a bath here.
finally arrived! 
Never try never know! ada berann?
First the guide tell us to try the 5km natural slide.
and then the 3km natural slide, and 2 km jump. 
and then the 5km jump.

it's quite easy for me the 2km jump honestly.

and then the 5km jump.

not easy like ABC but easy la kan..
and then the 10km jump.
I hesitate once but i still want to try it!
i said to myself i gotta try at least the 10km jump!
i've come this far, rugi kalau tidak try!
so, i did on the second try actually.

after the 10km, 
I eagerly want to try the 15km jump.

I was excited for the 15km that i forgot to straighten my leg and causing redness to my butt due to the impact of the water. 
My lips are also swollen because of my braces. 
i must've open my mouth during the jumping! haha
But don't be afraid. My but only hurt for like 3 seconds and it's gone.
and my lips took about 2 days to completely heal but it doesn't hurt after 30 minutes. 
It's okay as long as you follow the guide's instruction.

And you have to try all of these jump and natural slide! make sure!
The package is actually only for 2 hours but i think we exceeded an hour and half.
Thanks to our kind guide for making it for us!

We went back to Kuta at 6.30pm.
And the road an the way was flooded so we have to stop a few times and only arrive hotel at 12.00am.
It was a tiring day but it worth every single minutes i have.
And that's the end of our day 9.

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 s o p h i e l o u i e

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