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28th January 2017.

we woke up pretty early that day i consider since we were out walking from our room starting at 8.00am.
We only had our leftover bread as breakfast.
We went to the Taman Ayun Temple by walking.
it took 30 minutes from our homestay to the Taman Ayun Temple walking actually.
It's hot day but we enjoy our walk.
Along the way we saw a of temple.
80% of Bali's resident is Hindu so it is very common to see temple or pura in each of the house.
So all the way from our homestay to Bali we get to see different kind of temple design in each house.
on the street of Mengwi

cuba teka ni apa?
This is their Oil station! yes!
masa kami lalu ada orang sedang isi minyak motor dia sini! haha
and this brother is the owner of this oil station.

and we finally arrive at Taman Ayun Temple

Basically you can't enter the temple since it's only for those who want to pray.
But you can watch it from outside. 
entrance fee is IDR 30K/person for foreigner.

After Taman Ayun we order a grabcar to Tanah Lot but then there's no Tanah lot who are able to fetch us in Taman Ayun Temple since it's forbidden for Grabcar to enter the area.

So we end up taking a taxi with Idr 100k. However, after a lot of negotiation we finally manage to get the taxi driver to be our driver for 5 days with IDR215k/day.

So, we went to Tanah Lot and we spend about 2 hours of shopping? LOL.
there's a lot of things u can buy in Tanah Lot. cheaper than in Kuta.
You just have to know how to negotiate. 

After Shopping for a while we went to get our lunch at Tanah lot and then we went to change our dress.
Yes we are in Bali, so we should wear something Balinese! hahahah

Tadaaaa. too many shop

both of us after we change our clothes.

 We can only visit the Tanah Lot Temple peacefully after we change our attire (kenen).
but errrr..too many people so we can't really take photo without anyody interframing us. huhu
the only photo without anybody inter-framing me is the opposite of the temple.
So, after Tanah Lot we went back to our hotel at 3.30pm and checkout. 
Headout to Kuta.

Kuta was probably the most jammed city in Bali.
It's Big city full of tourist like you barely see local people here. 
It's full of tourist everywhere.
almost like, you are not in Asia anymore.
If you are trying to find cheapest hotel, car iss probably not a good transportation.
So, our Hotel for day 1 in Kuta is Segara Sadhu Inn cost around 200k/night for 3 person including breakfast.

the room quite nice actually. just the floor a little bit stinky and the toilet is not really clean. 

But we are not complaining since we pay cheap.

And then we went out to see the night life in Kuta and have dinner there as well.
And then we went to sleep early since we have Aling-Aing Waterfall trip next morning!

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s o p h i e l o u i e 

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