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27th January 2017

We woke up quite late that day.
we plan to wake up at 6 am to send out laundry to dry-clean nearest shop in Tabanan but i guess we're all very tired so we only woke up at 9am.
heu heu heu. 
But it's okay.
it's not like we have thumb print to chase. kekeke

So we only manage to send our laundry to dryclean shop at 11am and finish at 1.30pm.
Dryclean was cheap in Tabanan compare to Kuta.
cost us only IDR 3K/kg.

After we finish packing we then head out to Tabanan Ferry Station to Bali.
I was a little bit overexcited for Bali actually.
i've heard a lot about Bali and i really wanted to visit Bali since forever!
From Tabanan Station to Gilimanuk(Bali) station is pnly IDR 6000/Person = RM2.00. cheap isn't?
But on the entrance you'll be offered a price IDR 90K/person straight to Denpasar. 
But since we love to do it our ways, we decided not to take the offer

ready to depart for Bali!

Tabanan to Gilimanuk takes only 30minutes or more.
But actually i think it take less than 30minutes.

As soon as we arrived Gilimanuk we asked the Ferry worker how much would it cost us if we take bus to Mengwi.
They told us around IDR 25K to 30k.
However when we went outside, somehow they know we are foreigner and they charge us IDR50K.
But we insist as we know that's not the right price.
So, at the end, we get IDR45K/person. altough i know we can get even cheaper price but i don't want to argue with them. 
So, we just agree to IDR 45K/person.

Since we are taking the public bus where it stop to many places, we only arrived at Mengwi almost 7pm. 
We were actually a little bit pass the Mengwi town so we don't really know where the hell the driver drop us but it was somewhere in Mengwi area.
and the bad news is there is not Grabcar available at the area.
I asked the girl in the nearby shop and she told me that we can grab any bus to Mengwi station from there.
So, as we were waiting with our backpack on the roadside, there are 2 car that stopped for us actually.
Now, i know how easy it was to actually find transportation in Bali.
We don't even have to stop them.
The first car stopped and asked where we want to go but his car was full and can only fit 2 person. 
The next car was asking us for Idr100k to Mengwi but when i lookup in the Grab application from our place to Mengwi should be only IDR 30K.
So, we said no to them and at the same time there's a bus who stopped for us.
He charge only IDR10/person to Mengwi town!
Thank God!

The driver conductor was so kind after we told him we are from Malaysia.
He told us that he works in Malaysia before in Penang!
So, we asked him if there's any cheap hotel for rent in Mengwi Bus station and yesssss, he then help us to find cheap Hotel for rent juuuust infront of the Mengwi Bus Station.

It was raining when we arrive at the hotel and the hotel cost us IDR120K/night. 
this is the homestay.

and this is how it looks like
Yes, we don't have problem sharing 1 bed for 3 person.

and then after taking a bath we went out for dinner. and we found a cheap restaurant near our hostel.

And that's our day 7.

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s o p h i e l o u i e 

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