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26th January 2017

We fall asleep in the car and arrived Bromo Lava View Hotel at around 2.00am.
it's so cold in there! and our driver remind us to change our clothes to get ready for our sunrise trip.
the Lava View Hotel room

You don't really need a hotel if you are taking an evening train from Yogyakarta to Surabaya since you'll arrive at 2am and go straight to sunrise view.
however you might need a room to change your clothes and to take a bath after the hike.
We book driver to fetch us from Surabaya Train Station and a jeep for the trip and it cost us about 2800K/3PERSON including hotel. 
the drive cover.
1.transportation from Surabaya Transtation to Mt.bromo(3 hours driver)
2. Jeep to get around Pananjakan Viewpoint and Mt.Bromo.
3. Transportation from Madakaripura Waterfall and to your next location. For us, it's the Bayuwangi Ferry Station which took 7 hours drive.
NOT INCLUDING ENTRANCE FEE AND TOUR GUIDE.(we don't pay any tour guide)
If you are interested you can checked out the blog where i book my transportation
But it's really up to u guys because from my blog reading there'a a lot of cheaper hotel nearby the Mt.Bromo.
I am sure you can get better deal for 3 person. :)

After a little cleaning (macam besa, cuci yang penting saja) and change our attire, we then head out to Panajakan Viewpoint where we will be having a Bromo Sunrise view!
there are just sooo many people here!

There are just so many people at the Penanjakan viewpoint.
It's so packed that you have to struggle to find a good spot for the Sunrise View.
They also prepare a warm jacket for rent and gloves.
I am just very amazed of Indonesian people.
They are so hardworking.
waking up at 2am askig around if there's anybody need warmer jacket.
I end up renting 1 of the jacket since it's sooooo cold and i am so sensitive with cold.
But i almost freeze there even with my renter warmer sweater.
i don't know how Noni and Ann actually manage to survive the weather with their thin sweater.

However all of us have to get back dissapointedy since the sun is unseen that day since there's soo many cloud and fog i guess. 
I will tell you this again, wet season is not a good time to visti Java and Bali.

at least la bergambar sini walaupun tidak mampu sunrise.

So, after the sunrise, we head out to Mt.Bromo.
Mt.Bromo is like a big dessert. you have to walk mayber around 5km to reach the peak of Mt.Bromo. but don't worry the trail is not that hard. 
Most of the trail was flat.
And even if you can't tolarate the coldness, you can always pay a horse to help u get infront of the stair for IDR 100K/ horse
We choose to walk because it's more fun to walk


The horse can't take the stairs so you have to walk from here.

on top of mt.Bromo

And finally going down!

uri Jeep!

We went back to our hotel around 8.30am. 
Take our breakfast and clean ourselves.
initially the plan was to go Madakarpiura Waterfall but we all are too tired from lack of sleep so we decided to skip Madakaripura and have a rest. 
Noni went to explore Bromo while i sleep.
At 12pm we leave Bromo for Bayuwangi
It took 7 hours drive and once again we fall asleep in the car.
At 2pm we had lunch at Rumah Makan Handayani.
The restaurant is very nice.
we get to eat beside the lake!
the price is also not bad for such delicious food!
so happy!
we decided to have indonesian traditional food!

We arrived Tabanan town at 7pm. 
Our driver was so kind that he help us find a good room..
He even help us get the best price for the room!
Only IDR 90k/night.
this is Adit our driver and Tour! 

After finding a room and say goodbye to Adit we went for dinner at nearest restuarant. 
And i had Nasi Ayam Pedas for dinner!
And that's it for our day 6. 

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s o p h i e l o u i e

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