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Transjava-Bali Backpacker ( Day 4: Yogyakarta)

24th January 2017

We arrive at Yogyakarta Train Station about 3am. 
We don't really have much time so we decided to clean ourselves at the toilet inside the ticket counter building.

Yes, we can't take a bath since it was just a toilet there's no shower in the toilet.
We can only wash our face and important area of our body. hahaha
We do however change our outfit and put a lotttt of body mist to get rid of our unwanted body odor.

I asked the taxi service the cost from train station to Borobudur Temple and they told me IDR 250K.
So, i checked Grabcar and it cost only about IDR160k. 
Grabcar didn't pay me for this but trust me i fall in love with Grabcar since the first day i arrived Bandung because they never lie about the price! hihi
We then decided to take Grabcar but just like Malaysia, there are certain places that Grabcar can't enter like the train station. So, you have to get out from the train station in order for the grabcar driver to take you in peace. of course. hihi

We initially want to go straight to Borobudur but then our grabcar driver told us that it's gonna be so expensive if you want to enter Borobudur before 6.00am. they'll charge around IDR400 k.
He then suggested Punthuk Setumbu to enjoy the Sunset with only extra IDR10k for the ride. 
that's mean we have to pay him IDR 170k. 
We agreed to that then.

Punthuk Setumbu was already famous in Indonesia because one of their hittest movie : Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2, was filming one of the scene there. 
I haven't watch the movie so i don't know that until our grabcar driver told us about them. 
The entrance fee is IDR30k/ gonna have to climb about 10minutes before you reach at the top of Punthuk Setumbu for sunrise.
We were running because we don't want to miss the sunrise and i almost die here!
Shortness Of Breath and Chestpain! 

But i the view upstair worth my SOB!

 After Punthuk Setumbu we head out to Borobudur temple!
Our grabcar driver was so kind that he help us to help us buying a local rate entrance ticket for Borobudur since for foreginer it cost 260k indonesian rupiah while local only cost around 30K indonesia Rupiah! 
However on the entrance they'll checked you bag since you won't be allowed to bring any food inside.
But two of my friends Stacy and Noni didn't make the cut!
Kedapatan bukan orang indon! LOL!
I don't know how they got caught because honestly i get through the checking quite easy.
They didn't asked for my local ID.
You just have to speak a little bit indonesian slang and you'll be good.
i guess being Malaysian is an advantages for us since Indonesian and Malaysian look alike.
You can't really differenciate us. HOHOHO
You just have to know their language and they'll never question where do you come from.
This is the time where i am so greatfull for all the indonesian movies and drama i watched during hisghschool! hahaha
My two friend have to pay IDR260k/person after they fail to show their local ID.
But i feel bad for them so i agree to pay the entrance with them,we are in this together anyway.
So, our budget for Borobudur is IDR 550K / 3 person = IDR 183k/person = RM61.
But seriously the RM61 is nothing compare to the beauty of Borobudur!

i don't wanna leave Borobudur but it's getting hot in there and we all haven't take a bath since yesterday and we haven't eat anything yet too. So we leave Borobudur at around 9.30 am.

it's actually really hard to take photo where's no one is interframing you since they were a lot and a lot of people around Borobudur that morning!

After Borobudur we head to Prambanan to find cheap homestay.
And again we make a deal with our grabcar driver to wait for us at Borobudru because we want him to send us to Prambanan after.
Our Driver agree to our term.
Fees will be the same as the grab charges. How kind of him!

Before we arrive Prambanan, we asked our driver to drop us at the cheapest restaurant for breakfast.
see, the tips of getting the best food with the best price is by asking around local people!
So we had our Nasi Padang for IDR 42k/3person inluding our drinks!

Our driver then brought us to another famous temple in Prambanan that is Candi Sambisari. 
At first the driver told us that the Candi id unique because it is an underground Temple. 

It is an underground temple just not what i expected,  hehe
entrance fee for this temple is IDR 10k/ person = rm3.30.
and the we proceed to our homestay.
I look up the cheapest homestay at Agoda without booking it.
Thank God when we arrived at the homestay all the room were empty. 
so, it's like we have the homestay for ourselves. 
The name of the homestay is Maqmil Homestay. 
You can look it up on agoda.
it was a house with three room for rent where you can cook and wash your laundry.
Idr 150k/night.
it's near to Prambanan Temple. you can walk around 15minutes.
the owner was too cute. she even gave us the map around the homestay and showed us where we can eat and how to go sround the area! so sweet. haha
This the the owner of the homestay and her Son. She asked to take a photo with us before we leave the next morning.
it's raining heavily as soon as we checked in into the homestay so, we couldn't go anywhere but stay at homestay.
But we did our laundry, take a bath and have some sleep since we haven't really sleep since last night. 
The rain only stop at 4pm.
only then we could go out and find something to eat and probably visit Prambanan if we had a time.
i had bakso and both of them had soto for lunch at 4pm!. 
1 Bakso and 2 Soto and 1 big bottle of Aqua for Idr 33k.
We went to visit prambanan afterwards but it's close at 5.15pm. so we then decided to go for Ramayana Dance Show.
However, ticket were sold out!
i advice you to always book ticket since Ramayana dance ticket always sold out.

After that we decided to go to Malioboro Night street just to kill the time.
As usual we order Grabcar for transportation. 
Ramayana theatre to Malioboro cost us IDR 71K.
i guess we are too excited for Malioboro night stree that we forget to take any picture of the city!
we only manage to take our dinner pic.

Saya order ayam kampung for dinner. Quite famous actually their Ayam Kampung. 
Dinner cost : IDR 121K/3Person.

and heading back home via grabcar also cost us IDR 62K. 

So, that's our day 4. 
We promise each other to wake up early for Prambanan Temple tomorrow so we sleep early that night

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