Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Transjava - Bali Backpacker (Day 3: Ciwidey-Bandung)

23rd January 2017

Waking up in Situ Patenggan was refreshing.
We woke up as early as 6am to get ready and have breakfast.
Because we want to stick to our budget, we have Instant mee again for breakfast of course with free tea provided by our host. Ibu Tuan Rumah yang baik hati.

happily eating our instantmee

taking a picture with our host. 
And then around 8.30am we were out exploring Situ Patenggan and taking good picture. We have tooooo. hihi
Situ Patenggang is a natural lake surrounded by tea farm making it as one of the must visit place if you're visiting Bandung.
minta maaf tu buruyut

around Situ Patenggan

walking around the tea farm.

beautiful lake!
We initially plan to leave at 10am however our grab driver (we decided to have the same grabcar driver as yesterday and he'll take us everywhere with IDR400k) but then our grabcar driver was a little bit late because of the road jammed. so, we are only able to leave the place at 11.30am.
On the way to Bandung city we stop at Ranca Upas since Stacy really want to see the deer. hihihi

hello deers!

We then arrived Kertawangi, Bandung around 1400pm. 
and we went straight to Dusun Bambu. 
Initially we plan to go for Tengkubang Perahu but since we are running out of time we skip that one. 
Entrance fee for Dusun Bambu is around IDR 20K/person local or foreigner.
you gonna have to take this bus pretty in order to go to it's centre of Dusun Bambu`

my favourite part of Dusun Bambu.

sekali sekala jd budak budak
There's like 5 or more garden in Dusun Bambu and there are also restaurant you can definitely eat there but we didn't eat there since the price is a little bit too expensive plus we originally want to eat at Kg.Daun.

So, After hanging out at Dusun Bambu for about 1 hours and more, we went to Kg.Daun for Lunch!
If you want to experience eating surrounded by nature, Kg.Daun is the answer!

We are so lucky to have our table just infront of the waterfall.

After eating we finally went to Bandung Train Station for our train 18.30pm

inside the train

This is how we kill the time.
Train ticket for Exclusive seat is around IDR 215k/person = RM71.70.
That night we sleep in the train. 

that's the end of our day 3.
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s o p h i e l o u i e

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