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Transjava - Bali Backpacker (Day 2: Bandung-Ciwidey)

22nd January 2017

We woke up pretty late for a backpackers. 
My friend said that a good backpacker should wake up as early as 6am to get ready.
However last night was crazy for us. 
it was a long flight and walking al ost 4 hours in the rain around the city was really tiring!
So, we end up waking up at 8.30am and only manage to checked out at 12 pm.
Well, the good things about waking up late is that you'll skip breakfast meaning we save money for our breakfast. 

Our journey for lunch hunting continue.
walking journey continue

We decided to go lunch first before heading to Ciwidey. 
We went to the first restaurant we found since we are hungry.

This is the smallest chicken  i've found in Indonesia for Nasi Padang 

After lunch we went to nearest store since our initial plan is to camp around Ranca Upas or Situ Patenggang.

instant mee was cheaper in indonesia and delicious!

I didn't find any 7eleven store in indonesia but i saw a lot of Alfamart and Indomart which also operate 24/7. 
You can actually book train ticket in Alfamart!

After buying necessary food for camping we then decided to order Grabcar to Ciwidey.
it's always better to use Grabcar because grab apps always tell you the exact amount to pay! 
Grab price-IDR 185K/trip Bandung city to Ciwidey.

The first Grabdriver, rejected us since Bandung City and Ciwidey took about 2 hours drive and he said there will be no customer from Ciwidey to Bandung since we are planning to stay at Ciwidey.
He said he'll do it if we pay double the price.
But we refuse to do that and we let him go. 

But we don't want to give up.
We tried ordering Grabcar once again and this time the driver agreed to take us to Ciwidey Kawah Putih, Rance Upas and Situ Patenggang with IDR 250k. 
Driver sangat baik hati and we are lucky!

And we are on the way to Ciwidey!

as usual since it's weekend so the road is jammed.

a wedding ceremony on the way to Ciwidey! they are dancing!

Finally after almost 3 hours we reach Ciwidey.
Ciwidey is just like Kundasang in Sabah.
It's a high place and it's cold!
Since i love higher place so i enjoy the view sooo much along the way to Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih is just as cold as Kundasang.
The Entrance fee is IDR 35k/ Person including the bus fee (angkot) to the peak of Kawah Putih. 
You can bring your own car straight to Kawah Putih actually but we want to experience the Angkot so, we decided to pay extra for Angkot.
If you are planning on bringing your own car to Kawah Putih you will have to pay i think about IDR 150k/car.

finally Kawah Putih!

Kawah Putih.
 They advice us to wear mask since the smell of the Kawah Putih is strong so always bring your mask if you don't want to pay extra for Mask.

 After Kawah Putih, it's started raining again and our plan for camping seems like a bad idea. So, we decided to go straight to Situ Patenggan to find a homestay. 

Situ Patenggan entrance fee is IDR 75 for 3 people but thats the local rate.
We got local rate because our driver help us to buy the ticket. 
So, lesson is to allllllways be friendly to your driver and sometimes they'll help you get the local rate even if you didn't ask for it. 

Arriving at Situ Patenggan, we were informed that the camping site there was also flooded and the nearest Resort cost about RP700/night! 
we can't afford that!
lucky the Uncle who sold sate near us heard us and he then help us finding the cheap room for rent in the area. Jawabnya meredah hujan lagi la kami malam-malam. 
He brought us to the nearest restaurant and said that the restaurant got room for rent.
After negotiation with the host of the room we finally got the room with RP200k/night! 
The normal price is IDR 300k/night. 

Before taking our bath we decided to have our dinner first.
It's raining and its cold outside and Instant Mee is the best choice!
Dinner with Indonesian Instant Mee
 And we also had our dessert!
This is the strawberry and blurberry we bought from Kawah Putih with Rp40k for two!

That night we was so cold and we still have to take our bath with cold water since there is no heater in the house.
But we are in no position to complain so, membeku lah di dalam kamar mandi. hahahah

there goes our day 2 for the trip. 

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