Tuesday, 21 February 2017


31st January 2017

It was raining heavily that day when we woke up at 9am.
so, both of us( me and Stacy) were on the bed until rain stop while Noni went to the beach.
we take off to Sulaban Beach at 12.00pm after the rain stop.
Initial plan was to picnic on the beach while enjoying surfing since Sulaban Beach is quite famous on the internet for surfing activity.
We went to nearest shop on the way, order take away food and buy a lots of junk food.
However the moment we arrived Suluban Beach the rain start again and we were stuck on the Suluban Beach restaurant a few hours with other tourist.
Its was really a bad bad bad bad time to visit Bali's beach on January.

after like 2 hours waiting for the rain to stop, we decided to just go back.
But of course we need to take some picture first.

before the rain hit
hujan x hujan. 

it's raining bur we have to take this

of course

this would be beautiful if it's not raining!
So, we went back to Kuta early that day.
Go relax at swimming pool and then at night we went to shopping.

And then we went to try their Kebab since Kebab shop is all over Kuta.

kebab shop

And we went back to our hotel because we need to sleep early since we have to go to Nusa Penida early in the morning tomorrow.
And that our day 11 at Bali.

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s o p h i e l o u i e

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  1. O i love beaches.Specially at sun set its lovely to enjoy at beach.I had a plan to go to beach with friends only but due to quite busy schedule we had to cancel it.


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