Monday, 20 February 2017


30th January 2017

We woke up around 9.30 am since we are so tired last night. (read about it here)
we went to breakfast in the hotel and then we decided to relax at the pool.
Lucky we have a pool to relax.

And around 12pm we finally ready to move to our destination to Uluwatu Temple.
We had a lunch on the  way to Uluwatu Temple somewhere i don't remember the name but not in Kuta of course since Kuta is an expensive place.
We always had a lunch outside Kuta just to save budget.

Our taxi driver was so kind to drop us at famous Luwak Coffee's agrotourism to watch how the Luwak Coffee made.

this Buddy right here was feed by coffee and their shit become an expensive coffee!

Mbak, buat kopi ya mbak?
 You can google how Luwak coffee was made.
it was quit interesting actually 
And dang it was raining again when we were there so, we went straight to the Pondo for coffee testing! The weather is cold and its raining what a perfect time to have some coffee

Our pondok!
 we were given 13 free coffee to test! 
Luwak Coffee you'll have to but IDR50K/glass.

my fovourite is Vanilla coffee. The only Coffee i decided to buy only to give to someone since i don't drink coffee much.
Anddd of course a photo session in the rain!

After Shopping for coffee, we finally arrived at Uluwatu Temple.
I've always looking forward for Uluwatu Temple since it's just all over the internet and i really wanted to see if its true and it was!
Entrance fee is IDR20k/person.
Cheaper because this Temple belong to the Government.
Yang mahal-mahal tu swasta punya.
That's what the driver told us.
They also prepare u free scarf to cover your leg in green and purple color.

As usual, even tho raining season there's still so many people visiting this place and you still have to struggle find a good place for photo. macam biasa.
its raining but who cares?

After Walking a little bit further from the main temple we found a place where we don't have to que to take photo.
heu heu

After Uluwatu Temple, we initially want to go to beach but the weather really is bothering us. it's raining heavily so we decided to back to Kuta before it's flood again.

When we arrive Kuta we went straight to Dinner plus Live Band!
It's so good to be greeted by the singer itself.
they are so friendly and even sang our requested song.
arrggghhh the mood is just soo good!
Penuh perasaan k. penghayatan 100%

and the food is good too. YES this is for myself alone. hahahahahhaha. minta maaf keluar dinosor sekejap.

And that's the end of our day 10.

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s o p h i e l o u i e

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