Sunday, 12 February 2017

Transjava Bali Backpacker (Day 1: KK-KL-JKT-Bandung)


The trip was plan during our trip to Aceh Last year 2016 in November. 
So it was planned 3 months before the trip.
We were so excited that we don't check the weather.
And it's been raining in Java since the first day we were there.

20th January 2017.

it was supposed to our flight from KK-KL that night but i didn't get to checked in, soooooo, i missed my flight! So, Always and aaaalllllllaways checked in a week earlier for your flight!

21st January 2017.

Dipendekkan cerita, i arrived at Jakarta Soekerno-Hatta International Airport at about 1.30pm (Jakarta Time).
We don't waste our time in Jakarta since it's just like Kuala Lumpur i guess so, we decided to go straight to Bandung from airport
We then plan to take the van to bandung which they called it Travel car. Well, the van is quite special since it has Wifi for free and got Usb port for charging purposed on every seat. It cost about IDR 160/person!

Jakarta to Banung took about 3 hours because of the jammed road on the way, so we arrived at Bandung around 5.30pm.
And there begin our walking journey.
Fisrt for food hunting and second for cheap hotel. 
(you can search for cheap hotel on Agoda if you don't want to waste your time walking in the rain  like us).
we just love walking and exploring the places that's why most of the time we will choose walking instead of taking car. 
Three wanderer

After walking for about 5 minutes we manage to find a cheap Nasi Padang restaurant on the street. 
(you can never go hungry at Indonesia because you'll find delicious food and Restaurant along the way!)
(we had Nasi Padang almost 70% of the trip since it's cheaper and delicious)
its cost us about IDR 51k for 3 person including the drink!! equal to rm16. 

our first meal on the trip!
 We decided to continue our journey after asking around.
The owner of the restaurant was very friendly. 
He told us there are cheaper Hotel room around IDR150 per night around the area. 
So, we walk about 2 to 4 hours while enjoying the view of night city. 
 After a while we got tired of walking and decided to take Grabcar to hotel.

Searching for grabcar

We finally found a cheap Homestay for the night.
unfortunately i forgot the name of the homestay but they have monthly rental room too.
Room rental per night is IDR 150k shared bathroom.
They have 3 bathroom and 3 toilet in every level so, we can go to bath at the same time and save more time. 
the Homestay's registeration counter

yes this is the room.
We are not really picky in choosing a room for a stay since we brought our sleeping bag with us just in case the bed is not enough for 3 person  or if the bed is dirty.

So,that's our first day of the 12 days of trip.

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S o p h i e L o u i e 

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