Friday, 24 February 2017

How to cook Simple Japchae (my style)

I don't always get to stay at home since i am working shift hours and i have classes on weekend.
So, during my Sick leave for 2 weeks i try to do all the things i always want to do but have no time.
And one of them is cooking!

I found the glass noodle in the kitchen (i bought it few days before).
So, i thought i should make japchae and began looking for the recipe on the internet.
well, the process of making it quit easy but since I don't have enough ingredients so i call it simple Japchae recipe.

Here's the ingredients.

Carrots and Enoki Mushroom (originally shitake mushroom)

Vegetable! (Any kind of vegetable you foun don your fridge should be fine)

another mushroom i found on the fridge (Oyster Mushroom if i am not mistaken) 

leftover meat i found in the fridge!


some salted chillies (i don't remember the name but don't put too much of these because this is super salty!)

my favourite dried seaweeds!

sesame oil!

sasame seed for our final decor!

any brand of potatoe glass noodle!

How to cook?

heat the water frying fan until it boiled and then put the glass noodle inside it. You can you pot actually tapi saya tidak mau banyak mau cuci bah, hahahha. and then about 5 minutes take the noodle and throw the hot water.

and then start frying the meat first. (i use the same frying pan since saya malas mau cuci banyak benda). i use the sesame oil to fry. Sorry periuk kami yang antik punya. hahaha

this is how the glass noodle will look like

after you think the meat is cook start adding all the ingredient one by one into the pan.

and last but not add the previous glass noodle into the pan!

put sesame seed on top and we are done!

Thats all for my simple Japchae! 
see you again next time.


s o p h i e l o u i e


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  2. Wow! i have prepared the Simple Japchae in a very different way before it was not that sweet. Your way seems a little bit different from what i tried. I hope this turns out better thank you


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