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12 Days Transjava+Bali Itinerary for Backpackers (Budget Only RM 1600.00/person!)

In the beginning we plan to do the Transjava Backpacker only but then after some research we finally decided to include Bali since Java to Bali is only 45 minutes apart via Ferry.
That's why i called it Transjava-Bali Backpacker Itinerary.

So, i decided share our 12 days itinerary from Jakarta-Bandung-Yogyakarta-Surabaya-Bali.
Please take note that this is my first time travelling in Backpacker style and first time making itinerary too!

I also want u guys to know that our initial itinerary was actually more packed than this one so there are a lot of places we didn't get to visit because of time and weather especially in Bandung and Bali.
But lesson learned and i'll do better in the next backpack trip!
I hope this itinerary can help you guys to do a better itinerary for your Transjava trip (if you are planning on one)

For your safety, always and alwayssss wear MASK especially when you are on the train or when there are a lot of people around you. 

Ticket: around RM400 (KK-KL-JKT/BALI-SURABAYA-KL-KK) Airasia always offer cheap flight so always checked out their deal!

Day 1.
Read Detail about our day 1 here. (click me)

  • 9.40am   - Arrived at Jakarta airport. Supposed to arrive Bandung at this time but there's a few problem with our flight ticket, so only able to arrive Jakarta at 1pm.
  • 2.30pm - Travel Car to Bandung. rp160K/Person = rp480k/3 person
  • 5.30pm - Arrived at Bandung. go find new hotel. If you don't want to waste any time wandering the city with your big backpack, book via Agoda or they offer cheap price too but some of the hotel require credit card to book. For our hotel we manage to find     rp150k/night.
  • Dinner at Bandung ( nasi padang) rp 51k/ 3 person
  • 6.30pm - Free activity for your own. you can go shopping for your attire at Rumah Mode, Heritage Factory or visit the floating market. i always recommend using Grab to move around the city since the price is cheaper and you wont get cheat. But we usually like to walk from one destination to another just to look aroun the city. We only use grab to go back to hotel once because its already 10pm and we pay rp24K/ trip.
Our Budget for Day 1:  RP 705,000 for 3 person 

Day 2.
Read detail about our day 2 (click here)

  • 8.00am - A good backpacker will always wake up early to get ready. This is the estimated time we checked out from he hotel but since all of us are a heavy sleeper, so we can't really follow our itinerary. But it's a backpacker style anyway. No tour guide waiting for you and you manage your own time. so no one is gonna get mad at you even if you are late. So, due to this philosophy we only manage to checked out from the hotel around 11.30 in the morning. lol
  • 12.00 - Lunch (nasi padang)  rp 51k/ 3 person
  • 12.30 - Find grabcar for Ciwidey. rp250K (Kawah Putih and Situ Patenggang)
  • 14.30 - Arrived Kawah Putih. entrance fee: rp 105k/3 person(local rate) including transportation. 
  • 16.30 -visit Situ Patenggang rp70k / 3 person (Local Rate) . Foreigner rate: rp135k/person Initially we plan on camping at Ranca Upas and visit the deer farm. (entrance fee is rp10/person and Rented Camp is rp150k/ night). But its raining hard that day and camp side was floaded so we change plan to find a cheap room for rent around Situ Patenggang. We manage to get room for rp200k/night. read about it here! And since the uncle sate is helping us finding room so we tipped him rp20k.
  • Dinner: rp 25k/3 person (estimated) We plan to camp at first so for dinner day 2 we have bread, canned food and instant mee. you can budget around rp60k/person for 1 week snack supply. The instant mee cup is much more cheaper and delicous!
Budget for Day 2: RP 721,000 for 3 person

Day 3
Read detail about our day 3 : (click here)

  • 06.00 - Wake up and get ready to prepare breakfast (if only we are camping in Rance Upas the plan is to have instant mee as breakfast). Breakfast is the instant mee and canned food we bought for camping estimated price rp25k/3 person. we did wake up at 6am but then we took time on bathing and preparing our backpack. (since there are so many clothes to compress everytime we are leaving! lol). 
  • 08.30 -We took time to explore Situ Patenggeng and took a lots a picture since we can't do it yesterday because of the heavy rain!
  • 09.00 - Start leaving Ciwidey for bandung city. However our driver from Bandung came late only at 11. so we only manage to leave Ciwidey at 11.30am. So, yeah, we are out of the itinerary again! but it's okay since we don't want to pressure ourselve with the itinerary so much too. And honestly we had fun exploring the Situ Patenggang Lake! we had a deal with our previous driver. He'll fetch us in Situ Patenggang to Bandung and decided to go to Tengkubang Perahu, Dusun Bambu, Floating Market and Farm House Susu Lembang for rp400k/day.
  • 12.00 - On the way to Bandung we went to visit the Ranca Upas Deer Farm! the place where we are supposed to camp last night! Entrance fee is rp10k/person. so its rp30k /3 person and rp5k for parking.
  • 14.30 - Tengkubang Perahu (Entrance fee: local:20k, foreigner:200k) but we skip Tengkubang perahu because we are running out of time. So we went straight to Dusun Bambu. Dusun Bambu Entrance fee is rp 20k/person equal to rp60k / 3 person.
  • 16.00 - Lunch at Kampung Daun. rp297k/4 person (we decided to treat our driver for helping us getting the local entrance fee. hihi)
  • 17.00 - we initially decided to go to floating market but since we haven't bought our train ticket yet which become our BIGGGGGGGG mistake, we decided to go straight to train station. too bad! so, i advice you guys to always book your train ticket first. according to our driver you can book trian ticket at any nearest Alfamart 2 days before (Alfamart is like 7eleven. its everywhere in Indonesia!). we don't know that before. only if we know we won't have to run here and there the whole time! hohoho. but lesson learned!
  • 18.55- Train to Yogyakarta. Train ticket for Executive Class is rp 215k/person and rp645k/3 person. 
Budget for Day 3: RP 1,397,000 / 3 person. 

Day 4
Read detail about our day 4 : (click here)

  • 03.00 - Arrived at Yogyakarta early morning! we decided to get ready at the train ticketing toilet. Just wash our face and change our clothes since we are going to watch sunrise soon!
  • 04.00 - Took Grab car to Borobudur for sunrise! Taxi fee is rp250k per trip but grab car is only rp160k/trip. ee the difference here? initially we want to go to Borobudur straight to enjoy the sunrise from Borobudur but we were told by our grab driver that entrance fee for Borobudur temple before 6.30am is gonna be very expensive. Double the entrance rate for foreigher. Foreigner rate is rp260k/person. but entrance fee before 06.30 am is rp520k/person. So he suggested Punthuk Setumbu for sunrise view. we only have to add rp10k for car rented. So, grabcar fee is rp170k (Phuntak Setumbu and Borobudur trip)
  • 05.15 - Arrived at Punthuk Setumbu. well. well. we initially thought we were late for sunrise since we still need to do hiking i don't remember how far but we did it in 10minutes! (walaupun keluar nafas kuda saya! lol). entrance fee is rp 30k/ person and rp90k / person. 
  • 07.00 - Finally arrived at Borobudur! Magnificient Temple that i fall in love with as soon as i saw it from afar! entrance fee for local : rp 30k/person and for foreigher rp 260k/ person. we manage to get rp550k/ 3 person! 
  • 09.30 - Ready to go find cheap hotel at Prambanan area! Grabcar Borobudur to Prambanan is rp164k (the same driver we took from Yogyakarta train station)
  • 12.30 - Lunch on the way to Prambanan. (Nasi Padang) rp 42k/ 3person. Always be friendly and ask your grab driver where you can eat cheap and delicious food! nasi padang is always the best choice for cheaper and delicious food!
  • 13.00- arrived at homestay! rp 150k / night. Homestay where you can cook, wash you clothes for free, got wifi and have aircond room in prambanan? read here! Only 15 minutes walk to Prambanan temple!
  • 15.00 we plan to visit Prambanan but then again its raining so we decided to wash our clothes while waiting for the rain to stop.
  • 16.00 food hunting again after the rain stopped before heading to Prambanan.  We had 2 soto and a bakso for rp33k/3person (no drink only 1 aqua). 
  • 17.00. Went to Prambanan but LOL. its close at 17.15pm! Oh rain! *the best time to visit indonesia probably on April to September or dry season. Head to Ramayana Dance show, which is just opposite to Prambanan Temple but then again ticket is sold out! But there's always Plan B. We called Grabcar and went to Malioboro instead. Grabcar: rp 71k (Ramayana theatre to Malioboro street).
  • 20.00 - Dinner at Malioboro (nasi ayam kampung) rp121k/3person. McD ice cream rp 36k/3 person
  • 22.00 - Grabcar Malioboro to Prambanan homestay rp62k.

Budget for day 4 : RP 1,489,000 for 3 person

Day 5
Read detail about our day 5 : (click here)

  • 06.00 - Wake up & wash our face. Go straight to Prambanan Temple! 
  • 07.00 - Entrance fee rp 30k / person ( local rate) so we get rp 90k/ 3 person (click here to know how) foreigner rate around rp175k/person. 
  • 09.30 - Prambanan temple is just amazing that we almost forget we need t go back.
  • 10.00 - Get ready. breakfast with our leftover instant mee. rp 25k/ 3 person.
  • 11.00 - We supposed to catch our train to Surabaya at 11.55am. But then we want to visit more of Prambanan since yesterday is raining and we can't visit all the place we want to. So we decided to took the 16.30 train to Surabaya. called our Grabcar driver from Yesterday. 
  • 11.30 - Visit Ratu Boko Temple. Entrance fee rp 75k/ 3 person (local rate). Coconut drink rp 30k/ 3 person.
  • 13.30 - Visit Tebing Breksi, Prambanan. Entrance fee rp 15k/ 3 person. Parking rp 5k/car. 
  • 15.00 - Arrived at Yogyakarta Train Station. Bought ticket rp105k /person (economy class). rp 315k/ 3 person. (click here for more detail about the train)
  • 15.30 - Bought food. Indonesia burger rp18k/p. rp54k/3person. 
  • 16.30 - Departure from Yogyakarta to Surabaya.
  • 23.00 - arrived at Surabaya Station. Was walcomed by Bromo Tour Guide. 

Bromo Tour Guide price RP 2,800K/ 3 Person. including Lava View Hotel, Bromo Jeep, transport from Surabaya station to Lava View Hotel (3 hours drive), transport to Madikaripura Waterfall and transport to next destination. Our next destination is Bayuwangi (7 hours drive from Bromo). Read detail here.
  • Entrance fee for Bromo : Rp 230k/ person. rp690k/ 3 person.

Budget for day 5: RP 4,099,000 / 3 person

Day 6.
Read detail about our day 6 : (click here)

  • 02.00 - Arrived at Lava view hotel at morning. 
  • 02.30 - Departure for Sunrise at Sunrise point Penanjakan Viewpoint (read detail about it here)
  • 06.00 - Depart for Bromo Hike! 
  • 09.00 - Go back to hotel.
  • 09.30 - Breakfast at hotel. additional rp50k (since hotel is only for 2 person and we are 3 person)
  • 11.30 - Depart to Bayuwangi. Again we skip Madikaripura waterfall after the guide told us that we still need to do trekking about 2 hour to get to madakaripura waterfall. I guess all of us are mentally and physically tired due to lack of sleep. 
  • 14.00- Lunch at Rumah Makan Handayani. rp 149K/ 3 person. 
  • 18.30 - Arrived at Tabanan Station, Bayuwangi. Decided to stay a night at Tabanan station. Our driver has help us to find cheap hotel for a night to stay. rp 90k/ night.
  • 19.00 - Dinner around Tabanan area. (sup ayam pedas) rp 38 k/ 2 person ( Stacy decided to have drink only. diet ler tu)

Budget for day 6 : RP 277,000 / 3 person

Day 7
Read detail about our day 7: (click here)

  • 09.00 - Wake up at this hour because of our busy schedule!! lol send our laundry to nearest dryclean shop with the cost rp3000/kg at 11am. So we are paying rp 26k/8kg. 
  • 14.00 - Checked out at 2pm because we need to wait for our laundry. The shop owner said it need at least 2 hours to fully dry the laundry. Headed to Tabanan Ferry Station. Ferry from Tabanan to Gilimanuk,Bali is rp 6k/ person. so for 3 its rp18k.
  • 15.00 - Arrived at Gilimanuk Station, Bali! Took local bus to Mengwi. Cost us about rp 45k/person and rp 135k/ 3 person (actually if u are local u can get rp 30k/person only but they figured out that we are not local. initially they want to charge us rp60k/person. 
  • 19.00 Arrived pretty late at Mengwi and we also miss the real city of Mengwi so we decided to fetch a bus from our stop (God knows where!) to Mengwi Station which then cost us another rp 30k/3 person.
  • 20.00 - Checked in into cheap hotel rp 120k/night with the help of the bus driver (Bali people is very generous!) and went cari makan to nearest food stall. rp 45k/3person.

Budget for day 7: RP 374,000 for 3 person

Day 8
Read detail about our Day 8: (click here)

  • 06.00 - wake up and get ready! Even though we woke up at 6 am but we always end up getting out of the hotel only at 8 am. (girls took approximately 2 hours to get ready! walaupun backpacker tapi harus letak sunblock 1 inci juga la kannnn). Breakfast with our leftover bread and snack. FOC
  • 08.00 - Walking to Taman Ayun Temple! took us about 30 minutes to arrive Taman Ayun Temple from our hotel. Entrance fee for foreigner is rp20k/person for foreigner and rp 10k/person for local. we don't even bother to pay for foreigner rate here since it's not that expensive. rp 60k/3 person.
  • 10.00 - Call Grab but location was wrong entered so we need to find taxi to Tanah Lot. We are very lucky we find a good deal from the Taxi he charged us about rp 100k to Tanah Lot Temple. But then after a long negotiation we finally agree to pay the driver as our taxi driver for 5 days for rp225k/day. 
  • 11.00 - Arrived Tanah Lot. yes you need to bring a lot of money to Tanah Lot since there are so many batik stall here. Entrance fee: rp 75k/3 person (foreigner rate) including parking fee rp 15k / car. Read about it here! We also had our lunch here cost rp 77k/ 3 person.
  • 14.00 - Getting out from Tanah Lot is quite difficult for us because there are just so many things to buy! lucky i didn't bring so much money so it actually prevent me from shopping. plus there's no CIMB atm nearest! ho ho ho
  • 15.00 - Checked out from the hotel (Yes from the hotel we stayed u can checked out after 12pm without any extra charges. find out which hotel we stayed here). Head to Kuta!
  • 17.30 - Arrived at Kuta but only able to find hotel at 19.00 since its soooooo jammed in Kuta. Motorcycle is the best transportation in Kuta since you won't be stuck in traffic jam. (read more about it here). Hotel for first night in Kuta cost us about rp200k/ 3 person including breakfast.
  • 18.00 - exploring night life at Kuta during weekend and our dinner cost rp 165k/3person. We also try to find cheap hotel with swimming pool nearest. 

Budget for day 8: RP 802,000 for 3 person.

Day 9
Read detail about our day 9 : (click here)

  • 06.00 - Waking up early and getting ready for Aling-Aling Waterfall and Taman Ulun Danu.
  • 08.30 - Breakfast at the hotel!
  • 09.00 - Checked out from Hotel Hindu and checked in into the Hotel Bora. cost about RP 200k/ night for 3 person including breakfast and we had swimming pool here! kekekekeke. 
  • 10.00 - Depart for Temple Ulun Danu
  • 12.00 - Arrived Temple Ulun Danu. Entrance fee is rp 60k/ 3 person (local rate). 
  • 13.30 - Lunch at Jom Ngopi Restaurant. rp 108k/2 person (Noni decided not to eat here since the restaurant serve pork. she ate somewhere else. halal food)
  • 14.30 - Arrived at Aling-Aling Waterfall. We took jumping off cliff and natural slide package cost about rp 125k/person with guide for 2 hours play. (rp 375k/3 person). Gosh i love the waterfall!! read more about it here. 
  • 18.00 - only finish playing the water at 6pm and heading back to Kuta. the time is over a few hours ago actually but the guide is very kind to let us play until 6pm.
  • 00.00 - only arrived Kuta at this hour. Find out why here! taxi rent : rp 225k/day

Budget for day 9: RP 860,000 for 3 person. plus Rp 54,000/person for the lunch. 

Day 10
Read detail about our day 10: (click here)

09.00 - Wake up only at this hour. Breakfast at Hotel Gora and getting ready for swimming pool

10.30 - Get ready for Uluwatu Temple and Luwak Coffee

12.00 - Departed from Kuta to Agrotourism Luwak Coffee. Lunch on the way is rp 85k/ 4 person (again we decided to spend our driver for his cheap rate). Entrance fee for Agrotourism Luwak Coffee: FOC.

14.00 - Uluwatu Temple Visit. Entrance Fee rp 60k/ 3 person (i think foreigner and local rate is the same rp20k/person. but i am not so sure)

17.00 - Go back to Kuta. Transportation fare: RP225K.

18.30 - Wandering around Kuta and enjoying live band + dinner.  Dinner cost us about rp 225k/ 3 person (including tax and service). you can also request a song u want here for free! find out where in KUta here!

22.30 - Go back hotel to take bath and get some rest.

budget for day 10: RP 595,000 for 3 person

Day 11
Read detail about our day 11 : (click here)

08.00 - Supposed to be getting ready early for Suluban Beach but its raining from early morning today so we decided to stay in bed until 12.00 noon.

13.00 - departed for picnic in Sulaban Beach. Food for picnic estimated araound rp60k/3person.

14.30 - Sulaban Beach is raining so bad and the storm scared me a little bit. So picnic cancelled. only picture taken. parking fee for Sulaban Beach is rp5k/car but entrance fee is free.

17.00 - Decided to go back because it looks like it will rain the until midnight.

18.00 - Arrive Kuta. Decided to send our laundry to nearest Luandry dryclean shop. cost about rp10k/kg so we are charged rp 88k/ 8.8kg. Shopping around Kuta again for souvenir and everything. decided to have Kebab for dinner before go back to hotel. kebab is rp135k/3person.

22.00 - Hangout at our room's veranda while eating Kebab.

23.00 - Sleep early for tomorrow

Budget for day 11: RP 288,000 for 3 person

Day 12
Read detail about our day 12 : (click here)

05.00 - waking up early to get ready for NUSA PENIDA.

07.00 - Checked out and departed from Kuta to Sanur beach ferry station.  Cost is rp 1500k/ 3 person including ferry ticket, food and car rental in Nusa Penida (we asked our driver to arranged for better deal)

08.00 - Ferry departed from Sanur Ferry Station.

09.00 - Arrived Nusa Penida. Visit to Kelingking Beach, Broken Beach, Angel's Billabong and Crystal Beach. Nusa Penida is just so beautiful and a must visit place in Bali. Read more about it here.

15.00 - Ferry departed to Sanur beach again. 

18.00 - Arrived Kuta. RP 225K for transportation. Noni decided to go for Gunung Agung hike. Me and Stacy decided to checked in to new hotel Fourteen Roses Hotel. cost about RP 289K/ 2 person. HOtel got swimming pool and hot shower bath tab!)

19.00 - Relaxing at swimming pool with Ann.

20.00 - Relaxing on the hot bath tab shower with Ann again. its was raining the whole day in Nusa Penida so we really need hot bath tab shower.

21.00- wandering around HOtel's place. took taxi to nearest CIMB atm and was charged RP 30K. But really the ATM was very near to our hotel. we just got lost.

23.00 - Late dinner date with Stacy since i am leaving to Sabah 1 day earlier than both of them since i have clinic appointment the next day. i don't remember our dinner cost but maybe around RP250K/2person.

00.00 - Go back to hotel for packing since i have 7am flight from Bali to Surabaya. 

Day 11 Budget : RP 1,725,000 for 3 person plus RP 284,500 (Dinner,hotel,taxi)

Day 13.

04.30 - Saddest day of all because i have to leave early. Took taxi from hotel to airport. rp150K. 

07.00 -Flight to Surabaya and then Surabaya to KL. 

Day 12: RP 150,000 for 1 person.

Overall Budget for 3 person

DAY 1: RP 705,000
DAY 2: RP 721,000
DAY 3: RP 1,397,000
DAY 4: RP 1,489,000
DAY 5: RP 4,099,000
DAY 6: RP 277,000
DAY 7: RP 374,000
DAY 8: RP 802,000
DAY 9: RP 860,000
DAY 10: RP 595,000
DAY 11: RP 288,000
DAY 12: RP 1,725,000

TOTAL: RP 13,332,000 = RM4,444.00 (RM 1.00 = IDR 3000) for 3 person.
For 1 person = RM4,444.00/ 3 = RM1481.40/PERSON
Day 9 and Day 12 budget per person RP284,500 + RP 54,000 = =RM 112.90

BUDGET SUBTOTAL: RM 1594.30 # (Not including Flight Ticket)

If you are from Sabah maybe you can Budget about RM400 for your ticket for kk-kl-jkt.
Airasia always offer cheap flight on promotion! So sign up your Big Point now! *Promote sikit!

Important Note again.

My initial Itinerary budget Is RM2900 (Not including Flight Ticket) which is half of the real budget! Memang sengaja kasi overbudget because overbudget is always better than underbudget when u are no where near your home!

Any Question?

Comment down below and i'll try to reply you as soon as possible! or you can follow me on IG for direct question. thank u!
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  3. we really wish we could do this in a month. our trip will be more relax. but even with 2 weeks we still had our great time there. :)

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