Saturday, 8 October 2016

Review: Beautylabo Hair Bubble Dye

Hello there.
I have been with my original hair color too long and i think it's time to change it a little. 
So, i decided to go to Watson to purchased hair dye.
And i choose Beautylabo Bubble Hair Dye since the packaging is very attractive and the model's hair color seems nice from the packaging.
i actually aiming for that color in the packaging. hoho

I also choose this because i thought it would be easy to use bubble dye since i have no assistant.
So, inside the bottle was as below.

Another bottle and an instruction in English version.
You just have to follow the instruction provided inside the package.
I am like, this is super easy!

 So, i opened the bottle,
tadaaa.. this is inside the bottle
We have,

A bottle of colorant

a pair of gloves

A bottle of devoloper

and Mosturizer.

 There are actually another instruction paper inside the bottle but it's in Japanese version.
so,abaikan saja.

My Hair COLOR Before i dye it.

this is my initial hair color. 
The brown color from my hair was actually from my previous hair color before i decided to cut it in Jun. 

 The Prosedure.

1. Mix the Developer and the Colorant together in the bottle.

2. Shake it off. yeah, shake it off until you feel like there's no liquid anymore inside the bottle but only bubbles.
before shaking

after shaking
3. Put the bubble on your hair carefully.

Some people have allergic to the developer or the colorant so you might want to check you skin tolerant before proceeding.

i am done putting the bubble on my hair.
4. Wait for 30 minutes.
Try not to contact the bubble with your skin so much because it can be itchy accodring to the typr of skin.
I accidently put some bubble on my ear and it was so itchy even after i wiped it.

After 30 minutes, wash it and put some conditioner.
Woooo, i like the conditioner so much. 
My hair feels so soft even until now!!!

And The Result is..........


Sadly the hair color didn't give much changes to my hair.
Although i noticed that my baby hair color changed a little if i look closely under bright light but both of my sisters told me that they didn't see any different. 

Am i suggesting it? definitely NO.
But after all it's just my honest opinion. 
And if you still feel like you want to try it on,  it's totally up to you.
Who know it might works on your hair or i mightb do somethingw rong during the procedure right?



  1. sy pn guna ini. leave it for 1 hour bru ada kesan tu. trus teerang ni hair color sy. haha

    1. awww.. yaka? napa sy br nampak komen ko ni? hahahah.. skrg sy main bleach suda kenen. hihi


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