Tuesday, 4 October 2016

DIY: How to make your own ripped jeans!

I went to window shopping last month and found out that ripped jeans are just so expensive!
I mean of course since it's the new trend but the cheapest price i found was RM140.
much more expensive then my DIY bed! haha

So i decided to do it on my own!

So, today i am gonna show you how i make my own ripped jeans.
*please take not that the writer is as amateur as you are so the result might not satisfied you. 

STEP 1: Go look for your old jeans.

The oldest the jeans,the better it is!
But make sure you still can fit in it la.
Nanti sia-sia usaha.
I have 3 old jeans that i barely wear.
but then i choose the cheapest jeans i have.
Only RM19.90!
*tulung pilih jeans kamu yang paaaaling buruk atau yang paling murah for first trial just in case kamu tersalah buat. Tidak juga sayang sangat.

STEP 2: Mark the location that you want the 'ripped' are.

It could be anywhere you want.
Totally up to you.
I choose one on my knee and the other one just above my knee.
(i wear my jeans first just to know where i want it to be!)

location identified!

Mark 2 straight horizontal lines on the both side of the location you identified just now.
You decide if you want big hole or small hole. 

STEP 3: Cut the lines you mark with scissor

STEP 4: Remove uprise thread

Now this step need 100% of focus and commitment.
Pull the uprise thread in between the line you cut just now one by one leaving the white threads as shown in the picture below.
You can decide how many white thread you want to stay.
Tarik slow-slow
Repeat the step until you are done.
if you want bigger hole, you can continue doing the same step for another hole.

after removing all the uprise thread.

STEP 5: Tidy up your jeans!

After doing the step you can tidy up your 'ripped' but cutting all the excess thread or you can just leave it there.

Done my first DIY ripped jeans.
 Bulilah kampung-kampung.

As a first timer, i am satisfied with the result and there are 2 more old jeans i can practice at home!
Practice makes perfect!

And yes, i actually wear them my trip to KL recently! 

So far, no stranger approach me saying my jeans are too ugly nor compliment me.
Just want to let you guys know, ehehe

Ok thats all. Bye.


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