Saturday, 8 October 2016

Review: Beautylabo Hair Bubble Dye

Hello there.
I have been with my original hair color too long and i think it's time to change it a little. 
So, i decided to go to Watson to purchased hair dye.
And i choose Beautylabo Bubble Hair Dye since the packaging is very attractive and the model's hair color seems nice from the packaging.
i actually aiming for that color in the packaging. hoho

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

DIY: How to make your own ripped jeans!

I went to window shopping last month and found out that ripped jeans are just so expensive!
I mean of course since it's the new trend but the cheapest price i found was RM140.
much more expensive then my DIY bed! haha

So i decided to do it on my own!

So, today i am gonna show you how i make my own ripped jeans.
*please take not that the writer is as amateur as you are so the result might not satisfied you. 

STEP 1: Go look for your old jeans.