Sunday, 25 September 2016

DIY: How i make my own bed!

Hi guys!
I just moved to a new apartment along with my sisters.
I am a little bit excited because i finally have my own room! yeyy!!
Too excited to have my own room,i went to servey for a bed around the town 3 days after we painted the house (i'll blog about painting the house later) and i found that the cheapest single bed is around RM300.
Let me repeat RM300 plus for a SINGLE BED. 
Since i have to save money for my next year plans, i decided make my own simple bed.
just a very simple bed for my mattress!

there are only 3 steps.
*please take not that i am not a pro in wooden industry.
i just want to share what i know and what i know doesn't have to be the best for you.

1. Go find Wooden store!

Find your local store that sell cheap wood.
Take time to servey which store sell cheap wood.
But since i only know 1 wooden store in KK, i decided to just bought it from there.
Senang cerita.
Sorry again, i don't remember the name of the wooden store i went to but it was just before the pineapple roundabout after KDCA. it's on the left side if you are from KK city  (Bulatan Nanas yang dekat-dekat KDCA tu bah. sebelah kiri kalau dari bandar KK).

Annnddddd i was nervous when i enter the shop.
Baaah, inda pernah-pernah bah membeli kayu.
Takut juga kalau durang tidak jual kayu dalam jumlah yang sikit. hoho

me: "angkol, saya mau beli kayu baini. tapi sikit saja saya mau beli bikin katil. buli?"
Angkol baju hijau : "Aiinaaah, kau beli 1 kaki saja pun buli itu nak"

So, bermulalah proses memilih kayu disitu.
 Actually most of the time i replied the worker that with question if they ask me something since i am also noob part-part kayu ni.
So, when the uncle ask me "girl, you want the heavy wood or light wood?" i answered "mana yang lagi bagus uncle?"

But don't worry the worker here are local.
They will really help you even if you know nothing about wood.

tunaa tu uncle baju hijau i mention earlier
They will also help you to cut the wood according to your request.

" Bah, macam mana ko mau kami potong ini kayu moi?"
"macam mana tu kalau saiz katil yang single ahh?"

tu uncle senyum-senyum saja sambil kira-kira tingu langit.

"okaylah, kalau single bed selalunya 3 kaki x 7 kaki"
"bah, kasi saja begitu la uncle"

proses mengukur dan memotong

But then again the real size of single bed is 6ft x 3ft.
Si angkol salah kira tu langit kali tu 7ft namun i don't mind my bed got extra 1ft.

harga kayu di kedai diurang.

sempatlah selfie sementara tunggu durang siap potong kan.
 Budget for my wood is around RM93 plus plus.
The store only accept cash payment so get ready with your cash k.

They have delivery services but then they'll charge you extra charge RM10/RM15 if i am not mistaken.
But 7ft can still can fit into my car (Myvi)
The uncle said kancil pun buli muat 7ft.
So don't worry if your wood is not more than 7ft your won't need delivery services.
Sumbat saja masuk kereta.

jeng-jeng! fit perfectly into my car!

 2. Get Your tools ready!
cheap bed require extra work.
so, get your tools ready!

you'll need
2. Nail

I get mine from MR.DIY store which cost me around rm15 la hammer+nails.
First, for small woods like what you see in the picture we need a smaller nails.
Big nails will cause the wood cracked.
That's what my father tell me since he was in the house the moment i arrived home.
Too bad he can't help me with the ahmmering since i bought the wrong size of nails!
Kalau tidak boleh minta tolong bapa saja kan.

this is what happen if you used bigger nails for such small wood

So, the next day i went to buy smaller nails.
Not sure if nails got size or not but my father ask me to buy smaller nails so i just took the smaller nail from the store.

this is the correct nails!

3. Start connecting all the woods!

As i mention earlier i make a really simple bed.
Its basically just a square of wood to put my mattress.
My father told me that you have to connect the base of the square first.

Susun kedudukan supaya senang mau tukul.

After you connect the square base, organize the location of your wood.
Now start hammering the middle woods first just to stabilize the square.
And the rest you just do cincai-cincai la kan.


 Yes, you will need a lot of energy just hammering this small nails into the wood.
The problem with small nails is that i can bend easily. So again you'll need to hammer is straight from above.

bend easily like this
 However if you just do it with the right energy (Wow. macam pro), you'll be just fine!


My bed are finally done after maybe around 1 hour of hammering!

Wood: RM93.++
Mattress: RM60

So, overall my bed are RM150 ++ only!
But afterall it's up to you if you want to buy an expensive bed.
I just find it interesting to learn something new and save money at the same time! hehe.


My sister just bought a luxurious queen bed and her room is just infront of my room.
So, everytime i open my door in the morning, i'll saw her beautiful bed right infront of my face.
Yes! i am  SOOOO a little bit jelous so i understand if you want to buy a nice bed for yourself.
But for now i'll just used my wooden bed.
Maybe next time. hoho


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