Sunday, 25 September 2016

DIY: How i make my own bed!

Hi guys!
I just moved to a new apartment along with my sisters.
I am a little bit excited because i finally have my own room! yeyy!!
Too excited to have my own room,i went to servey for a bed around the town 3 days after we painted the house (i'll blog about painting the house later) and i found that the cheapest single bed is around RM300.
Let me repeat RM300 plus for a SINGLE BED. 
Since i have to save money for my next year plans, i decided make my own simple bed.
just a very simple bed for my mattress!

there are only 3 steps.
*please take not that i am not a pro in wooden industry.
i just want to share what i know and what i know doesn't have to be the best for you.

1. Go find Wooden store!