Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Putting My Braces On!


So, I finally decided to do braces after a long thought about it.
I have done my servey in Kota Kinabalu area (since i live here) i decided to trust Dr.Faiz Dental Surgery Clinic.
There's a lot of dental clinic in KK nearer bah kan..
But due to my personal research they offer a very good prices compare to other dental clinic and after going through comment on social media, this clinic offer a very friendly service.
Plus they give free consultation!
I found this Clinic on FB while searching for braces information.
If i am not mistaken they have their own website where you can book appointment online but i think it is better if you just went there by yourself because i tried booking it online 3 times and they only reply me after i have finish doing my braces.
So facing them face to face for consultation is the fastest way to get to them!
Checkout their contact number at the end of my post!
so, before i talk more about the clinic i would like to introduce you guys a little bit about Braces Type first!

There are 3 type of braces offered in this clinic,
*all price stated is in MYR (Ringgit Malaysia) for both lower and uper teeth brace. I am not sure if Dr.Faiz Dental Surgery Clinic (DFDSC) offer service for one sided braces.
1. Traditonal Braces.
Also known as Conventional Braces.
emmm.. yang ini as you can see in the picture, it use rubber to connect the besi.. 
DFDSC price: 5K
Duration to wear : 2 to 3 years or more.
minimum deposit for this one is rm500(promosi) with RM200 Monthly installment.
 The good news is that you get to choose the rubber's color!
waahhh, colorful gitu,

and the second braces is
price : 6K.
minimun deposit required is 2K.
Duration : 16months to 2 years.
self ligating
admin klinik Dr.Faiz yang amat mesra.
me before the procedure.
me with the dentist assistant. ahh tu gigi.
nebes kunun.
laser kali ni.. hoho
half way!
siapppp..tinggal pasang besi.
si gigi besi
Mo ambil gambar passport pun susah mau senyum. nampak tu besi, huhu
after procedure infront of the clinic. ignore buruyut. tu org ambil gambar tidak pandai. huhu
i am officially a UMS student todayyyyyy. 

This one is a little bit boring because they use metal to connect to the teeth so there are not color you can choose. but because it was full metal that the duration of wearing it is lesser 1 to 2 years only.
And that's the reason why i choose this one.
Some people think that having braces will make you look cuter but i am on the other side. i want this braces process to finish as soon as possible! 

the third one is
haaaaaa..kalau kamu macam saya yang tidak suka nampak berbraces, boleh lah pilih ini.
function and duration is exactly the same as the Self-Ligating Braces.
the only different is the prices.

since the material used was made from ceramic so the price is RM8000.
Deposit rm3000.
i dind't choose this braces because of it's price.

and another Braces that wasn't offered in Dr.Faiz Dental Surgery Clinic is,


If you really hate visible braces than you can still used this one, invisible braces.
Yang ini boleh buka sendiri bila-bila masa dan mmg tidak kelihatan langsung.
Tapi harga dia kalau klinik Dr.Alex Lo, last time saya servey sana around RM16k woo..
I don't do any further research about the duration of this braces sebab saya rasa memang saya tidak akan pakai.

So, what do you need to do before putting on your braces?

BEFORE putting on your BRACES.
Bukannya datang clinic gigi trus mau minta pasang braces ahhh..
sorry kara. Haha
There are a few more step before the dentist can put on your braces.
Dentist will check you tooth's condition first.

1. Scaling.
Ok, scaling ni macam pembersihan gigi yang selalu kamu buat la.
Honestly, i never went to see any dentist before, so memang no experience la scaling scaling ni.
Gigi masih sangat virgin daripada sebarang pembersihan. 
Cuma disentuh oleh berus gigi murahan ja. hihi.
And my first day at the clinic saya terus minta scaling memandang si tukang sponsor bilang, kasi saja supaya cepat pasang braces.
Hrmmm.. yang tidak pernah scaling tu rasa dia ngilu-ngilu sikit but then gigi terasa amat bersih. kekeke
Rate di klinik Dr.Faiz adalah rm85.
I don't know if it's expensive or not because i don't have any experience scaling before.
So, i can't really compare the price to other dentist.
Scaling boleh buat di klinik kerajaan also actually kalau mau jimat, but then you need to wait for the appointmet for a month or two la
Almaklumlah kerajaan ni free tapi mau tunggu giliran.
So, i suggest before jumpa dr.gigi di klinik swasta, p buat scaling dulu di klinik kerajaan awal-awal.
jimat budget, hehe

2. Tooth Inspection.

so, after scaling dentist akan check gigi terus samaada perlu cabut atau tidak.
Lucky for me, my teeth are in a healthy condition (walaupun tidak pernah buat scaling hoho).
There are no serious problem so, perlu tampal saja.
 Saya buat tampal-tampal ni on my second visit to the dentist.
Dr.faiz also explain to me that he usually won't cabut gigi most his patient instead he will try to fix it with braces first.
Tapi kalau betul-betul gigi berlapis-lapis ala-ala Lilio and Stich to mungkin beliau terpaksa cabut la. hihi.
Usually dia akan try pasang braces or kikis if needed.
So, kira okaylah service dia ni kan.
Charges untuk tampal di klinik Dr.Faiz adalah rm65 per tooth.
Untuk cabut not really sure.


So before pasang braces, perlu ada X-ray dulu la untuk check keadaan tulang gigi di bahagian bawah. 
di klinik dr.Faiz tiada Xray disediakan so, they refer me to Gov Hospital yakni HQE.
Tapi oleh sebab saya kerja HQE2, so saya buat di HQE II saja la. hihi
Oh ya, masa pigi xray mulut tu make sure bawa CD klu d HQE II ahh.
Selalunya Xray tu dorang kasi masuk dalam CD jd. 
Actually ada kena jual juga la CD sana tp rm1/cd.
So untuk jimat bawalah CD kosong yang extra di rumah tu. hehe

4. model study
Okay, yang ini dentist akan buat after gigi yang mau dicabut sudah dicabut dan yang mau ditampal,sudah ditampal.
They will take the sampel of your teeth as a model study la giteww.
Don't worry tidak sakit. cuma tidak selesa saja.

Then kalau semua okay, barulah boleh buat braces.

And i finally put my braces on my third visit!

this was taken on the day i put on my braces.
ho ho ho

Honestly during the procedure i fall asleep,
Sebab proses men-gam besi di gigi memang tiada rasa.
Cuma proses letak connected steel tu baru rasa sakit sikit,.
Then, beberapa jam selepas pemasangan baru rasa amat sakit.
I cannot even eat. T.T

Is it painful??
Terus terang few hours after the procedure memang tidak rasa sakit.
Rasa gigi ketat saja.
Only 3-4 hours after the procedure i feel like dying especially during the night.
It was painful!!!
Sleepless night. 
Not to mention all the airliur. 
And 3 to 5 days gigi memang akan rasa berdenyut saja sakittttt.
Like you have the appetite to eat but you cannot eat.
Can you imagine the great tortured here?
I want to eat but i can't put any food in my mouth!
So be prepare for your soft diet for 2 or 3 weeks!
But no worry after 3 weeks you can eat fried chicken witout any problem.

Hmmmmm.. apa lagi kamu mau tanya?
Buat masa sekarang dinding mulut saya masih ada blister sebab tidak biasa bergesel sama gigi,
Senyum pun tidak boleh lebar-lebar kalau depan jejaka ganteng sebab nanti bibir tersangkut di besi then susah mau tutup bibir. 

Apa lagi ahh..
Since ada braces ni saya perasan keinginan saya mau minum air makin kurang, dont know why. so, bibir saya sentiasa kering.
Terpaksa makan soft diet,air pun tidak brapa mo minum,so the precentage of getting slimmer is there.

Okaylah, thats all for now.

Ada apa-apa mau tanya sila tinggalkan komen.
dilayan saja tu.

Faiz Dental Clinic
depan Permai Policlinic Putatan. level 1.
No tel: 088-734 039


this is my first vlog i updated on my new youtube channel. 
Feel free to visit and subscribe here. Watch, like and subscribe. thank you. :)

Love Love Love


  1. Hi SophiE!

    Baru sy nampak ni post ko.. jd mau tanya ba, klu yg Self ligating braces (SLB) tu bayar monthly depends on the deposit ba kn? tp berapa lama mau bayar tu? kena dtg jumpa doc ka pla tiap2 bulan?

    1. Yup. Depo sy rm3k. Monthly 200. Tp kalau depo 2k monthly 300. Dan byr smpai habis ko pakai braces. Sbb slps braces pn perlu pakai retainer jg so, mmg masi ada app dgn tu clinic dan masi blh smabung byr. :)

  2. Alrite~ Thank you very much aa.

  3. Hi. yang rasa sakit smpai sleepless night tu sangat sakit ka?����

  4. HI! YESS. tapi jangan risau, tidak juga lama.. dlm 1 2 hari saja la. lps tu ok. :) afterall beauty is pain.

  5. Hi, sya mau tnya bha.. klinik tmpt kmu wt braces tu bole tkar besi gg ka? Sbb sya pkai yg damon system.. nk tkr besi ja.. n brpa kos dy tu ya? Sbb sblm ne sya buat kt kl..

    1. X sure pula pasal itu..namun boleh tnya terus ke nombortlfn dorang. Hehe

    2. X sure pula pasal itu..namun boleh tnya terus ke nombortlfn dorang. Hehe

  6. Sudah ko remove braces? 1 tahun sudah kan...mau juga tgk result ko mcm mana, hehe...

    1. Unfortunately belum. Actually last time sida buka tp then pasang balik atas sebab2 tertentu. mgkn sy perlu pakai another 1 year. huhuhu

  7. brpla bayaran smua ? mcm mau buat juga ni tp tula mau tau kos2 dia

  8. boleh ka post gmbr sebelum dan selepas? tq

    1. Mmg sy plan mo post tp sy mo tunggu siap dulu br sy post ahh

  9. masa 1st appointment bayar terus ka tu deposit ? atau lepas pakai braces baru bayar ?

  10. hai mandak. wanna ask ba, ko kena psg lg braces ko for another 1 year kan..jd ko masi perlu byr rm200 per month ka biarpun sda byr hbs baki rm3k tu? hehe

    1. Hello mandak. Actually second time sy kena pasang free. Tp durang tukar traditional punya. Hehe

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Thanks for the post! Do you know where to get the best dental braces philippines?

  13. Hello, I just want to ask the price for the traditional braces. Is the deposit still the same or mahal sdh?

    1. Hai there. I am not really sure about that now..but u can always call he clinic for any enquiry. :)

  14. Hi mandak. Deposit rm500 ja ka atau mcmna?

    1. Last time on promotion, for traditional min dep rm500. Dan yg self ligating tu min dep dia rm1k. I am not sure la skrg.

  15. How's your braces sis? Rata2 sdh ka gigi. Hee


      new update here

  16. Hi :) brpa jam dorng kac psang itu braces?

  17. Sis buka ka tu denist hqe kalau sabtu hahahah

  18. Hi, rasanya blh ka bila sda pasang dlm bbrapa bulan, and buka skjp dlm 2 hri sbb ada event. Haha.

  19. Hai,i wanna ask abt the cost do you pay monthly or u just pay the 3k during the installment?and pay the 200 separetly,explain to me again abt the cost

  20. Sangat membantu oh��
    Thank you
    Nnti mau try pi buat....
    Im excited


  22. Everything was wonderful. We found our new dentist.affordable dental braces.

  23. i need to ask something,my teeth ada berlubang and i dont know perlu cabut or tampal.bcause i want put brace on my how?

  24. Hai mandak, cost pun depends dgn condition gigi ka? Sbb x silap sy, sy pnh bca blog psal braces tp org smnjg la, dia blg selalunya tgu kdaan gigi psakit bfore proceed putting braces on. Klu kdaan gigi teruk, cost dia sllunya lg mahal. Btw, sy rsa cntik suda tu gigi ko yg before pya, trsusun 😍

    1. haha. nampak cantik kan yang before. god know's d dlm mcm mana. but setahu sy dr.faiz tidak ikutncondition gigi.. tapi kalau giig terlampau berlapis, mmg dia akan cabut. dan cabut tu lain lg kos. huhu

  25. Did my braces here put them on in april 2015 and my teeth case is minor, havent got them off until now. I went to do scaling at another dental clinic and the dr asked me why did my braces installed like that wire is hanging on another side, kenapa last bracket pasang gigi number 6 bukan 7 mcm2 la im confused. Will ask dr faiz on my next apt. Mcm menyesal pun ada.

    1. Hi fatiha. After read your comment, u make me worried. 😫 i hv my appointment this month with dr faiz. Im getting my braces on. Can u give me some update later?

    2. Hai fatiha. Any update on that? May I know your opinion on which clinics preferably to go and not to go to do braces? I need to choose one urgently. It would be nice if you can contact me on whatsapp, more private on the opinion, I will give you my number.

    3. Another reason why we have to go to the real Orthodontist. Dr. Faiz is just a dentist and not an orthodontist. He doesnt even have license. Theres only 4 people that are licensed to do braces that are Dr. Pamela Yong(very expensive), Dr Albira Sintian(head specialist Orthodontist), Dr Lynnora Majawit and the other one I forgot. They DO NOT RECOMMEND for anyone to do their braces anywhere other than Doctors with license.

    4. Hai fatiha. Any update on that?hv u remove ur braces dy?

    5. hi there. i am trying not to be negative about my braces. you can see the update on my braces here.

      here's the new update

  26. hello dear, i would like to know how was your braces journey with dr faiz ? it would help me a lot, because i've been using their service for almost 1year and a half now. and there's something that been bothering my mind. where can i contact you privately ? or you could email me at


      here's the new update

  27. Klau HQE punya braces brpa la?

    1. 500-800. tapi dorang buat budak bawah 18 tahun saja and kena ikut appointment. for example ko buat app harini mungkn next year baru kena panggil.

  28. thanks for sharing a pretty pics and your complete case study.

  29. Sis can u tell us ur braces progress now..


      here's the new update

  30. Thanks For sharing this Superb article. I use this Article to show my assignment in college. it is useful For me Great Work.
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  31. Hello, thanx begini bah yg sy cari2 ni :)

    so mau tnya, yg mula2 ko p tu, ko walk in sj la kan...teda buking2 dulu...bgtu ka??

    siou kama, trus byk mo tnya..

    tuk proses ko buat tu kan, brp lama ko amik dr mula2 p cek sampai hari yg kena pasang??

    pasal deposit tu kan, yg SELF-LIGATING BRACES, mula byr deposit masa yg bila, masa start pasang or yg dr 1st ko pigi...? deposit 2K ka??

    baki byran yg bulan2 rm200 tu sampai habis la kan..or cemana ah?

    n klu ko p review2 tu kan, lain lagi bayar2an dia ka?

    TQVM sis :)

    1. hi sis. ya. sy walk in saja.
      mcm dlm seminggu la..sbb mau exray lagi.
      self ligating sy byr rm3k then monthly 200.
      ya. monthly byr

  32. Kalo gigi atas saja brapa caj tu d sana klinik dr faiz? Tq

    1. not sure ada servis bt atas saja ka bawah saja ka sana tu.. mcm tiada

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