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Bohey Dulang and Sibuan Island, Semporna, Sabah

Bohey Duland and Sibuan island is located in our beloved Semporna.
of course in Sabah,Borneo.

4 days before the trip!
This is actually a very last minute plan. 
Like we plan this on 3rd December and then we just go on 7th December.
And sometimes the best trip is the one that you don't plan!
Sebab kalau plan awal-awal selalu tidak jadi!
Even though the place is just in Sabah but i never been to semporna before. 
Tawau, LD, Sandakan semua saya tidak pernah pigi sebelum ni. 
Cita-cita mau travel around the world tapi hujung negeri sendiri pun belum lawat. 
Sedihnya hidupku.
So,i do a lot of googling and contacted a few agent to get the best price.
Tips to travel
Always and always contact all agent you know to get best price!

singgah pump tayar before leaving.
it's still dark and i am actually driving!

Mutiara Inn Hotel
view just a few step from our hotel
you see the peak there? yess, thats where we are going!
jalan otw naik. ada tangga, ada bukan tangga juga.
sempat selfie otw
the view you can see from above
tq to our guide for capturing this beautiful view. 
trip-trip orang korea
saya ja ni.
on weekdays and still many people. can you imagine going on weekends?
oh ya, you need and must wear sneaker to go upstair or else the guide wont be responsible for any injury
pulau botak. 
view you can see otw to Sibuan Island
yess, thats it! that's Sibuan Island you can see.. 
view fromSibuan Island! That's Bohey Dulang Island if i'm not mistaken. hoho
daftar dulu baru boleh bergembira
how clear the sea issssshhhh!
trip-trip phototgrapher kijap
me trying to beat Agnes Monica. haha
huishhh. ada selipar semua. panas beiii..
ni ja la saya mampu gambar. before i jump into the sea enjoying God's creature. 
this is the hotel rates he send me.
nampak? hihi
kudasang. jerebu sebab sejuk
Lahad Datu jerebu sebab habuk

Day 1. 7th December. 
We decided to drive ourself to Semporna.
Initially, i planned to take a midnight bus from KK so that we can arrived in Semporna in the morning.
But then ada orang tu rajin mau drive so, okay lah.
And actually if you going there more than 2 person, it's more cheaper if you drive. 
If you go by Bus it will cost you RM90/person (return trip).
but our fuel cost is around RM200(return trip KK-Semporn-KK,Myvi 1.5, auto).
So, If there are 3 person maybe cost around RM66/person, return trip. 
Kalau guna manual car lagi murah kali ahh. hehe
It's just that if you decided to drive, then you have to have enough rest to drive an 8 hours drive,
Since our trip is on weekdays so we decided to take off from KK at 5.00 am to avoid traffic jam.
 I woke up at 4.00 am just to make sure everything's okay. 
And went to 7E to buy a lot of junk food and water supply at 4.30 am before we take off.
The good thing about bringing your own car is that you can bring as many things as you want and sumbat it all in your car!
It took approximately 10 hours driving from KK to Semporna (plus 2 stop for breakfast and lunch)
Nasib bawa kereta auto boleh la kami tukar-tukar drive. 
We stopped at Ranau Town to have breakfast at 7.15am and arrived at Lahad Dato Town at 1.30pm to have our lunch. 
First time sampai Lahad Dato, ada Secret Recipe pula sana ahh.. wahh, noobnya i.
Then we arrive at Semporna around 4.20pm. Sesat jalan lagi ya. hampir tembus ke Tawau.
Waze punya pasal.

We decided to check in at Mutiara In Hotel since our guide recommend it. 
Rm50/night only for single bed room and the hotel condition is just okay la. 
Suite the price. hehe
But the owner is very very very friendly and reliable. 

There's a lot of hotel around Semporna's jetty so i think you don't have to worry so much about place to sleep.
Also,semporna got Watson, Guardian, Giant, Maybank, Petrol Station, KFC, and so on.
So no need to bring many stuff. can just buy there all things. hehe
Malam kami round-round the place, went to buy sunscreen and some beach pants.
Mau minta puji juga la masa di pantai kenen trip-trip pelancong overseas. hihi
Oh ya.. make sure you guys go round all the store there before buying stuff like pearl and beach wear because some of the shop offer cheaper price than the other. 

DAY 2. 8th December 2015
I woke up around 7am because i am so excited!
Mandi then pakai sunblock then tunggu guide.
The boat usually leave at 9am.
Lambat siiikit guide kami datang tapi ok juga la.
Here is the timetable given by our guide that night before the trip!
The package included breakfast and lunch so you don't have to worry about breakfast or lunch in the middle of the beach. 

It took around 20 to 30 minutes to arrived at Bohey Dulang jetty. and it very very very pretty from afar. You can see the blue sea from afar!

we need to climb to the peak if we want to see the nice view.
its 300m high from sea level but then you need to climb 600m before you reach the peak.
alaaaa, kalau kamu biasa naik Gunung Kinabalu macam kacang saja baitu.
make sure before you climb, you have taken your breakfast, but don't eat too much junkfood or you'll throw up on the way up. macam tu satu urang tu. ohohoho

 And finally after climbing for 25minutes akhirnya kami sampai.
25 minutes saja!! tinggi lagi tu Bukit Botak di KK!

i feel like i want to hangout here for the rest of the day but the guide said we have to go down since we still need to go snorkeling. terpaksa la turun.

 We have our lunch at Bohey Dulang island and then proceed to the second island, Sibuan Island.
Sibuan Island located just a few miles from Bohey Dulang Island.Around 15 minutes rides?
Not sure. tapi kijap ja sampai.

 Snorkeling time!
I didn't take many picture of snorkeling since i don't have Gopro! hishhhh. menyesal x beli Gopro!

That's our day 2.
Going back around 4.30pm. 
Thank God our guides are very sporting!
They bring us to wherever we want. 
I think they have the best job ever!

Day 3
Preparing to go back to KK as early as 6 am.
Arrive at kk around 5 pm.
Okay, that's all.
Do you plan to go visit Semporna Island?
Here i provide you the agent and hotel contact that might help you.

The rate is RM120/person if more than 8 people. 
RM300/person if VVIP. 2 person only on the boat.
Price including boat transfer,breakfast and lunch.
*but the agent inform me that the price is probably going up next year. not really sure how much.
you can always contact the agent.

Mutiara In hotel
contact number-089781610
you can also ask the hotel owner to arrange the boat to island for you.
i am not really sure about his rate la. hehe
The Mutiara Hotel is a budget Hotel and the condition is also budjet style la. But you can always find other hotel if you want to. 
There's plenty of hotel in Semporna. 

 is it Safe there?
Everytime i tell my friend that i am going to Semporna the question i got the most is,
We all know about last year incident happened in Semporna, and recent incident that terrified all Sabahan.
i am a little bit scared to but then after i contacted my friend who works in Semporna Clinic, she said it quite safe in Semporna now but she didn't recommend me to spend the night in the island.
And i cannot guarantee your safety (sebab nenek saya bilang ajal ada di mana-mana) but i can at least tell you this, during our visit on the island i can see policeman and soldier everywhere.
They are guarding the islands.both island Sibuan and Bohey Dulang.
We went on weekdays and there are so many visitor especially foreigner.
But i know it's still doesn't guarantee your safety.
So, it's really up to you to decide. 
oklah, that's all.
I went there in 2015 and the road in LD is still under construction.
Hopefully now, the road is okay to travel!

l i l i e j o h n


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