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Here's the five things your should have before starting a diet plan!

Before you begin your slimming-down plan you need to really know why do you want to change your physical appearances. And it should be strong enough for to keep you going!
For example you want to be slim because you are tired of all these people keep mocking on you, or you want to get married in 5 months so you have to be slim for your dresses or anything. 
This will be the reason that will keep you motivated throughout your journey to change your appearances so you need a STRONG one for that!

Losing weight is a long process depends on how much weight you want to cut off. 
There is no way you can lose 20 kg in a month! 
It would be unhealthy if you lose 20 kg in a month.
And of course we don't want to end up in the hospital during our journey of losing weight isn't it?
So, yes, you need to be PATIENCE to really notice the difference in your appearance.
A lot of people fail during the journey because they have no patience toward themselves. 
Come on, give yourself a chance! be patience!

if you are really inpatient to see the result you can try it my way by setting up a weekly weight target.
For example this week i want to lose 1 kg. 
So in order to lose 20 kg you need 20 weeks which is equal to 5 month! 
Make yourself a timetable for your weekly target.
Trust me it will motivate you to do better each time you hit your weekly target!
But you will need to buy a digital weighting scale to really see the difference for this one.

See a lot of people exercising without controlling their food intake.
But losing weight is actually 80% come from your food intake and only 20% from your workout.
i am not saying exercising is not important. Because it is! But working without taking care of your diet is like an iron without electricity (excuse my comparison), 
You need it both to make it work!
So please do not skip your diet plan just because you think you have exercises enough.

Healthy diet plan are everywhere over the social media these days. 
you can get it by just a few click on your smartphone. 
Or you can buy the diet plan from famous fitness people such as Kayla Itsines. 

There are a lot of exercises out there that you can do. 
Like strength exercise,cardio exercise or flexibility exercise. 
To lose weight you need to do a lot of cardio workout such as jogging, hiking, dancing and everything. you can checked it out on mr. Google.
As for myself, i don't really like running or jogging. 
Usually i'll do the cardio workout such as freeletics,TABATA, zumba and many more. or you can also try YOga for flecibility exercise!

you can always get workout plan on google.
You can also download Freeletics app on google store for fguidance or you can just get a trainer for yourself!

This is the most important part of all!
Even if you have all 4 above but if you are lacks of diciplines, trust me, you wont make it!
Even if you have trainer for workout but for food intake you have to diciplines matter how timetable you made for your weekly target, if you have no diciplines to abide it, then there;s no used of it.
So, among all Dicipline si the one you needed!

i wish everyone who's planning to start a diet to be strong and i hope this article help you a little.
If you ever feel like quiting, think again why you started. (refer to point number 1)


Please let me know if this article has inspire you.
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