Saturday, 8 October 2016

Review: Beautylabo Hair Bubble Dye

Hello there.
I have been with my original hair color too long and i think it's time to change it a little. 
So, i decided to go to Watson to purchased hair dye.
And i choose Beautylabo Bubble Hair Dye since the packaging is very attractive and the model's hair color seems nice from the packaging.
i actually aiming for that color in the packaging. hoho

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

DIY: How to make your own ripped jeans!

I went to window shopping last month and found out that ripped jeans are just so expensive!
I mean of course since it's the new trend but the cheapest price i found was RM140.
much more expensive then my DIY bed! haha

So i decided to do it on my own!

So, today i am gonna show you how i make my own ripped jeans.
*please take not that the writer is as amateur as you are so the result might not satisfied you. 

STEP 1: Go look for your old jeans.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

DIY: How i make my own bed!

Hi guys!
I just moved to a new apartment along with my sisters.
I am a little bit excited because i finally have my own room! yeyy!!
Too excited to have my own room,i went to servey for a bed around the town 3 days after we painted the house (i'll blog about painting the house later) and i found that the cheapest single bed is around RM300.
Let me repeat RM300 plus for a SINGLE BED. 
Since i have to save money for my next year plans, i decided make my own simple bed.
just a very simple bed for my mattress!

there are only 3 steps.
*please take not that i am not a pro in wooden industry.
i just want to share what i know and what i know doesn't have to be the best for you.

1. Go find Wooden store!

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Putting My Braces On!


So, I finally decided to do braces after a long thought about it.
I have done my servey in Kota Kinabalu area (since i live here) i decided to trust Dr.Faiz Dental Surgery Clinic.
There's a lot of dental clinic in KK nearer bah kan..
But due to my personal research they offer a very good prices compare to other dental clinic and after going through comment on social media, this clinic offer a very friendly service.
Plus they give free consultation!
I found this Clinic on FB while searching for braces information.
If i am not mistaken they have their own website where you can book appointment online but i think it is better if you just went there by yourself because i tried booking it online 3 times and they only reply me after i have finish doing my braces.
So facing them face to face for consultation is the fastest way to get to them!
Checkout their contact number at the end of my post!
so, before i talk more about the clinic i would like to introduce you guys a little bit about Braces Type first!

Friday, 22 July 2016

Bohey Dulang and Sibuan Island, Semporna, Sabah

Bohey Duland and Sibuan island is located in our beloved Semporna.
of course in Sabah,Borneo.

4 days before the trip!
This is actually a very last minute plan. 
Like we plan this on 3rd December and then we just go on 7th December.
And sometimes the best trip is the one that you don't plan!
Sebab kalau plan awal-awal selalu tidak jadi!
Even though the place is just in Sabah but i never been to semporna before. 
Tawau, LD, Sandakan semua saya tidak pernah pigi sebelum ni. 
Cita-cita mau travel around the world tapi hujung negeri sendiri pun belum lawat. 
Sedihnya hidupku.
So,i do a lot of googling and contacted a few agent to get the best price.
Tips to travel
Always and always contact all agent you know to get best price!

Mount Trusmadi, Sabah

Before i start off my bragging about my awesome expedition conquering the Trusmadi mount i think i better make all the Sabahan proud first.
The top 3 highest mount in Malaysia ate all in SABAH!
yeyyyy! clap-clap-clap
You can check the top 10 highest mount in Malaysia here. please click here.
And Nuluhon Trusmadi is actually the second highest mount in MALAYSIA!!!

There are actually 3 ways to the top of mount Trusmadi.
1.Wayaan Kaingaran (Tambunan),4.9km from starting point
2.Wayaan Mastan (Keningau), 4.3 from starting point
3.Wayaan Mannan (Sook), 11.3 from starting point.

 We decided to go with Wayaan Kaingaran 4.9km from starting point!

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Friday, 15 July 2016


the best stage in relationship is the early stage. Everything is just beautiful and wonderful. Are you in a new relationship and you are planning to post about it on social media?
i know you are excited to annouce how happy you are to the world but wait, here’s an advice before you do that. read this first and it might change your mind or if it's not at least you'll be prepare for any consequences coming your way!


  • It took a quite some time to know a person.No. Actually it took a lot of time to really know a person.  There is no way you can say ‘I know my BF very well’ in just 3 months. NO. It took one or two years for a person to really show their true color. So, you should really use the first 3 to 5 months of relationship to know each other better not necessary secretly. of course you can still ask people around him/her but you don’t want social media interrupt you relationship at these point.:)

  • i mean of course you want to tell the world that you are taken but wait, are you sure he’s the one for you? Because once you post your relationship on social media that’s mean you are announcing to the world that your heart are taken and it’s almost like you are closing the opportunity for other to approach you. My advice is give your relationship a little time before announcing it. Get to know your new partner first and if you are sure enough that he’s the one for you then yes! the world need to know! or maybe not. It’s really up to you.

  • New relationship always have argument, broken-hearted moment and quarrel and get back together again. And when you are heartbroken you tend to express it on social media but then you have to be careful because all of your friends know exactly who you are referring to even if you never mention any name. Because they know who your BF is! and this will create the so called drama. Of course it will be fun for your mutual friends to gossip about it behind your back. You can just ignore them gossiping or you can post freely about your broken-hearted feeling and leave all your friends in  wonder.. *evil smirk

  • Announcing your relationship on social media will draw a family member of both side to add or follow you or your partner on social media. Of course they want to get to know what kind of person their family member hang out with. But early relationship is the time for both of you to get to know each to other and it was meant for both of you before you wanna any family member to get involve. Let say the relationship didn’t work after 5 months and his/her family member is your mutual friend on social media. Isn’t awkward to be friend with his/her family member and not to mention it will also give the opportunity for  your fail relationship’s partner (if just in case you want to avoid him/her after the fail relationship) to stalk your daily activity.

  • After announcing your new relationship proudly on social media then suddenly it didn’t work out. Now you are deleting all of his/her picture from your social media. It’s abvious you guys are breaking up! it’s also almost like you are announcing your breakup on social media! And people will start to guess how long have you been together. Like 6 or 8 months? hmm.

But after all above,  it’s actually your relationship and it’s your social media. So,that’s mean it’s up to you if you want to announce it or not. It just a 20 cents of advice the rest is really up to yourself!

Keep Loving!

love love love,