Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Exploring Vietnam: Ninh Binh

14th May 2017

We arrived Hanoi City around 4 in the morning from Sapa.
Read about my Sapa experience here. click me!
While the rest is getting ready for their flight to Malaysia, and some of us are getting ready to Halong Bay, while my cousin and i are getting ready for our bus to Ninh Binh. 

Here's the thing is, initially we wanted to follow the team to Halong Bay since it was a must visit place in Hanoi. 
However, when we were buying our sleeping bus ticket, Cherry Tran our ticketer convince us that we won't make it to Ho Chi Minh if we went for Halong Bay because we had a very limited time.
Our flight HCM-KL is on 19th May. 
She then suggested us to go to Ninh Binh instead of Halong bay.
After we search it on Google about Ninh Binh, we finally agree with her,
So we bought our Open Sleeping Bus at the price of 46usd/person (RM193.35) including one day tour in NinhBinh!
Cherry is a good ticket dealer. i truly recommend her. if you want to contact her, this is her facebook page-Cherry Tran.

and one of the hiker from our team decided to join us last minutes so there begin our three musketeer trip!

So our bus went to fetch us at our hotel around 7 am and we arrived Ninh Binh at 10am and start touring.

Our first destination is the Ancient Capital of Vietnam, The Thai Vi Palace.
it's an old ancient palace where old Vietnam king use to live here. 

every entrance of the Palace will have this pool. Our tour guide said it was built on the both side of the entrance to halau ghost. hoho

see both of the pool?

snap snap. 

to enter the temple of the pallace you need to wear long skirt.
After touring around the palace for 2 hours, our tour guide bring us to this big restaurant for lunch. 
Meal are include and you are free to eat however much you want.

And our second session is riding a bicycle to Ngo Dong river in Tam Coc. 
Well, as mention earlier, i don't know how to ride a bicycle which i am so thankful to Irwan for his willingness to take me.
He had been working hard to bring me to the river and i know my current weight is not helping him at all!
Tadadadadadadaaaaaa..dadadaaa.. A lady riding her bicycle.
hanya mampu menumpang. jangan kecam.
finally arriving at the river.


inside caves
can you see the aunty sailing with her leg?

It was a nice day with nice view. 
We had a great day. 
to go back to the town we need to cycle again.
acting like a pro cyclist.
so, the tour finish after we safely arrived at the town.
it was around 5pm and our next bus to Dong Hoi is around 9pm so we have plenty time to rest.
Just infront of the bus centre in Nam Coc, there's a hostel that we can rent a shower room.
So, we went to shower there for a while and also had our dinner there.
the owner is very friendly too.
Dinner maybe cost us around 50VND/person (sorry, i honestly don't remember the exact price).
but its not expensive.

We spend our night on our sleeping bus to Dong Hoi. it's about 7 hours from Ninh Binh to Dong Hoi. 

So, that's our Day in Ninh Binh. 

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That's all for now.

s o p h i e l o u i e

Monday, 11 September 2017

Exploring Vietnam Part 1- Sapa.

13th May 2017

We wake up at 7am to get ready for Love falls, Sapa.
i was super excited because enjoying waterfalls after a long tiring hike is just perfect! 

my cousin told me she can't go to the waterfall because her leg still hurt and she don't think she can go for another trekking activity.
So,she decided to stay and go for shopping.
I understand that because there's a lot of cheap clothes you can find in Sapa with good quality.
So, that's mean i will be the only girl who are going for the falls in the group since all of the girls said they want to go for shopping in Sapa.

Well, i still stick with my decision to go for the falls since shopping is not really my favorite.
i mean i do shopping to but if i was given to go for trekking and shopping, i'll always choose trekking and waterfalls!

At first they decided to go with bus but then, suddenly everybody want to go with motorbike which is very bad for me because i can't ride motor or even bicycle. 
I almost gave up the falls when one of the team offer me a ride. he's going alone and he said we can divide the motorcar's fee. 
So, Yes!
that's my partner. we are getting ready for Love waterfalls.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Exploring Vietnam:Mount Fansipan Hike

i booked all my flight ticket last year without realizing that my Mount Rinjani and Mount Fansipan hike is only 2 weeks apart!
it was really crazy at that time.
but i can't cancel my Fansipan hike since i already book everything and this time i'll go with my cousin. and i can't let her go alone of course.
so, i decided to just go with my original plan. 
*I feel so sorry to my workmate for conquering all the holiday that time.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Conquering Mount Rinjani.

It's been a busy months for me for the past 3 months with my classes, job and travel so,
i only had time to post about my experience of hiking mount Rinjani today.

before that let's get to know mount Rinjani first.
Mount Rinjani standing 3726 is said to be the second highest mountain in Indonesia.
want to know more? read here.

I always want to go hike the mount Rinjani since i last saw my friend's photo on his instagram.
I tried recruiting my sister and cousin for the trip but gosh its really hard to make it happened.
Asal plan memang tidak jadi. Asal tidak jadi, mesti plan.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Passengers (2016)

Honestly i just finish watching Passengers movie few hours ago!
i watch the clear version of it in HD with my handphone.

The movie was release in 2016 but i just watch it today. 
I dobn't know why i missed watching it in the cinema because i never miss J.law's movie on cinema!
 For those who haven't watch it yer i recommend you to watch it online (link at the end of this post!)

I am excited about this movie because it's Jennifer Lawrence and Christ Pratt!
what an awesome combination!

Friday, 24 February 2017

How to cook Simple Japchae (my style)

I don't always get to stay at home since i am working shift hours and i have classes on weekend.
So, during my Sick leave for 2 weeks i try to do all the things i always want to do but have no time.
And one of them is cooking!

I found the glass noodle in the kitchen (i bought it few days before).
So, i thought i should make japchae and began looking for the recipe on the internet.
well, the process of making it quit easy but since I don't have enough ingredients so i call it simple Japchae recipe.

Here's the ingredients.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

12 Days Transjava+Bali Itinerary for Backpackers (Budget Only RM 1600.00/person!)

In the beginning we plan to do the Transjava Backpacker only but then after some research we finally decided to include Bali since Java to Bali is only 45 minutes apart via Ferry.
That's why i called it Transjava-Bali Backpacker Itinerary.

So, i decided share our 12 days itinerary from Jakarta-Bandung-Yogyakarta-Surabaya-Bali.
Please take note that this is my first time travelling in Backpacker style and first time making itinerary too!

I also want u guys to know that our initial itinerary was actually more packed than this one so there are a lot of places we didn't get to visit because of time and weather especially in Bandung and Bali.
But lesson learned and i'll do better in the next backpack trip!
I hope this itinerary can help you guys to do a better itinerary for your Transjava trip (if you are planning on one)

For your safety, always and alwayssss wear MASK especially when you are on the train or when there are a lot of people around you. 

Ticket: around RM400 (KK-KL-JKT/BALI-SURABAYA-KL-KK) Airasia always offer cheap flight so always checked out their deal!

Day 1.
Read Detail about our day 1 here. (click me)

Tuesday, 21 February 2017


1st February 2017

We woke up pretty early this day. 
Thank God it's not raining that morning.
heading out to Sanur Ferry Station at 7am and arriving there before 8am.

We wait for about half hour and then the ferry arrive from Nusa Penida.
Why i am excited for Nusa Penida? Because i wanted to watch the Natural Pool called Angel's Billabong. 
You can search it in the internet. 
It was magnificiently beautiful!

Our ferry ready! this girl barefooted all day long because it's raining the whole day and she only bring sneaker.


31st January 2017

It was raining heavily that day when we woke up at 9am.
so, both of us( me and Stacy) were on the bed until rain stop while Noni went to the beach.
we take off to Sulaban Beach at 12.00pm after the rain stop.
Initial plan was to picnic on the beach while enjoying surfing since Sulaban Beach is quite famous on the internet for surfing activity.
We went to nearest shop on the way, order take away food and buy a lots of junk food.
However the moment we arrived Suluban Beach the rain start again and we were stuck on the Suluban Beach restaurant a few hours with other tourist.
Its was really a bad bad bad bad time to visit Bali's beach on January.

Monday, 20 February 2017


30th January 2017

We woke up around 9.30 am since we are so tired last night. (read about it here)
we went to breakfast in the hotel and then we decided to relax at the pool.
Lucky we have a pool to relax.

And around 12pm we finally ready to move to our destination to Uluwatu Temple.
We had a lunch on the  way to Uluwatu Temple somewhere i don't remember the name but not in Kuta of course since Kuta is an expensive place.
We always had a lunch outside Kuta just to save budget.

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